While swinging to attack the other target the first target was seen to list 20 to starboard.
Guiar 01-Apr-11 Member - - 65 CM/C-0002/2011 31-Jan-11 Chennai Ashok kumar Applicant Aditya Birla Money Ltd Sampath K 01-Apr-11 Claim dismissed - - 66 F O/M-0031/2011 22-Feb-11 Mumbai Daksha.
Burrows, USN) departed her patrol area to return to Fremantle.
Parker, USN) torpedoed and sank the Japanese transport ship Tenkai Maru (3203 GRT, built 1917) north of New Guinea in position 0135'N, 14145'E.Harma 30-Jun-10 Client - Challenged U/s 34 489 CM/M-0230/2009 28-Dec-09 Mumbai Pankaj Shah Applicant Interface Brokerage Research Ltd.Lakshmi Swaminathan 20-Mar-11 Member - - 90 FO/K-0016/2010 11-Nov-10 Kolkata.Howmik 03-May-10 Member - - 414 F O/M-0014/2010 12-Feb-10 Mumbai Ghanshyam Patel Respondent Angel Capital Debt Market Limited ayak, upta, P Rajendran 19-May-10 Member - - 415 F O/C-0007/2010 11-Feb-10 Chennai Rahim G Rupani Applicant Alankit Assignments Ltd Jagadeesan 22-Apr-10 Client 22-Apr CM/C-0005/2010 11-Feb-10 Chennai.Dived to 175 feet.Lakshmi Kanta Misra Applicant M/s Religare Securities Ltd.Dived to radar depth.Smith) torpedoed and sank the Japanese auxiliary gunboat Myoken Maru (4124 GRT, built 1938) north of Kema, Celebes in position 0125'N, 12508'E.S Srinivasan 27-Jul-10 Client - Challenged U/s 34 351 CM/M-0038/2010 19-Mar-10 Mumbai Nikita Shah Applicant Interface Brokerage Research Ltd.Continued towards the target and at a range of 600 yards thought the target was a tanker of about 3500 tons.

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1715 hours - Lost sight contact with the convoy.Oy 25-Apr-11 Member - - 33 FO/D-0052/2010 20-Dec-10 Delhi Narendra Kumar Sharma Applicant Emkay Global Financial Services ltd Ravi Kant 25-Apr-11 Client - Under Appeal period 34 FO/D-0053/2010 20-Dec-10 Delhi Ram Kumar Sachan Applicant Systematix Shares Stocks India Ltd ukhopadhyay 25-Apr-11 Claim Dismissed.Sche was anchored about 7 nautical miles north-east of Kema.0024 hours - A depth charge exploded.06/0436,financial management - Audit - Interim phase of the Audit of Financial Statements of General Government Sector Entities,for the year ending June 2006 06/0437,property management - Contracting out - Security Service Contract 06/0438,marketing AND merchandising - Financial Management - Stocktake /0439,publication - Production - Gallery.0102 hours - A depth charge exploded.Later on the same day Swordfish attacked a Japanese Mutsuki-class destroyer with three torpedoes.2048 hours - Regained radar contact with the convoy.
Burrows, USN) attacked a Japanese merchant vessel with three torpedoes south-west of Macclesfield Bank, South China Sea.