OD - Off Duty, qT, secrecy required.
Compared to a car this is slow, but it weighs 46 tons and is over 13m long.In Progress 10-34 Fight 10-100 Riot 10-35 Check Suspicious Person paramus fire department radio codes: 10-1 Clear the cancun prostitution preise air for emergency transmission 10-2 Responding 10-4 Received 10-7 On scene 10-8 Non-emergency response (no lights or siren) 10-9 Available 10-10 Working fire 10-12 Progress report 10-30.10-16 Pick Up Prisoner.CP - Complaining Party, cPD - City or County Property Damage.Paperwork and Trials, aPB - All points bulletin, bKG - Booking.You can print up the list of frequencies.The car joined Staffs Police from new in 1993 and was the chief constables car.The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription.Its most famous moment was escorting Princess Dianas funeral cortege in 1997.
CSU - Crime Scene Unit, dOC - Disorderly Conduct, dUI - Driving Under Influence.

You can look up frequencies by frequency/state.10-7 False Alarm 10-22 2nd Alarm 10-8 This Unit Available 10-33 3rd Alarm 10-10 Location 10-44 4th Alarm 10-11 Repeat Message 10-55 5th Alarm 10-12 Send Power Utility Companies 10-66 Activate Spare Rigs (recall 10-13 Send Police Or Ambulance Of Manpower) 10-15 Call By Land.This file contains many of the radio codes signals you hear used on the air.Email us your Radio Codes Signals or Fleet code / Talk Group Updates.You can help in this effort.10-79 Bomb threat 10-80 Explosion 10-86 Any radio traffic?Following is a sampling of the codes used by the police in their radio communications: 10-0 - Use Caution 10-13 - Advise weather and road conditions 10-14 - Convoy or escort detail 10-15 - Prisoner in custody 10-22 - Cancel last message/Take no further action.65 Sex Offense 22 Liquor Law 66 AA B 23 Firearms Accident 67 Arson 24 Alarm Sounding 68 CO Violations 25 Escort 69 Stolen Property 26 Notification 70 Suicide 27 Report To HQ 71 Attempted Suicide 28 Call By Phone 72 Sudden Death 29 Location.The car has been in preservation since 2003.Police With Pride is written down the sides and the usual police motorcycle escort training force badge has undergone a rainbow transformation.

10-45A Good 10-45B Serious 10-45C Critical 10-45D Dead 10-49 Proceed to: 10-50 Under influence of drugs 10-51 Drunk 10-52 Resuscitator 10-53 Man down 10-54 Possible dead body 10-55 Coroner case 10-56 Suicide 10-56A Suicide attempt 10-57 Missing person 10-59 Security check 10-60 Lock-out 10-61 Miscellaneous.