Walk to go somewhere with sb on foot, especially in order to make sure that they get there safely; to take an animal, especially a dog, for a walk or make an animal walk somewhere: He always walked her home.
At a glance Airline gender pay gaps.
Filter results by: Sort by: relevance - date, salary Estimate, job Type more location, company more ยป.Greet and escort customers to their tables.Escort to go with sb in order to protect or guard them or to show them the way: The president arrived, escorted by twelve bodyguards.M/escort/english (accessed September 10, 2018).The opposition leader was arrested and taken to the capital under escort.
Part of Speech noun, english Word escort, swahili Word -adi, part of Speech verb, dialect archaic, english Word escort Swahili Word -chanjari Part of Speech verb English Word escort Swahili Word -fikisha Part of Speech verb Class causative Derived Language Swahili Derived Word -fika English.

Countable a person, especially a woman, who is paid to go out socially with sb an escort service/agency, word Origin: late 16th cent.To sb to/out of/into sth to sb around/round to take/lead/escort/drive/walk sb home to take/lead/escort/guide sb to safety to lead/show the way Example Bank: A local man escorted us to the guest house.Plane money What aviation careers pay.Armed escorts are provided for visiting heads of state.English Word escort Swahili Word -takadamu Part of Speech verb English Word escort (for protection) English Plural escorts Swahili Word mshindikizo Swahili Plural mishindikizo Part of Speech noun Class 3/4an Derived Language Swahili Derived Word shinda English Word escort a guest to the door.Easily apply to this job PCO Drivers Required for Busy School Runs location cars London Passenger escort amsterdam price Assistants are also required to escort the children.Globally, just over five per cent of pilots are female, according to the Air Line Pilots Association International, whereas in India the figure is closer 13, more than twice as high as the proportion in a number of western countries, including the UK (the Civil.m/escort/english Less Popular, aMA, all Acronyms.Prisoners are taken to court under police escort.
Escort escort escorts escorted escorting noun, verb noun BrE eskt ; NAmE eskrt.