Barbara Sullivan says, "In the academic literature on prostitution 18th century french prostitute there are very few authors who argue that la prostitution en europe valid consent to prostitution is possible.
These feminists reject the idea that prostitution can be reformed, and oppose any harm reduction approach.The sexist attitudes of entitlement that underpin it can be tackled.Most of the women interviewed in catw studies reported that choice in entering the sex industry could only be discussed in the context of the lack of other options.43 These laws are a natural extension of the views of the feminists who oppose prostitution.For the purposes of decriminalization, Feminists for Free Expression defines the word prostitution to mean any consensual sexual activity between adults where compensation is involved; nonconsensual sex acts or sex acts perpetrated against minors are not prostitution, in their view.16 Long-term effects on the prostitutes edit Anti-prostitution feminists argue that prostitution is a practice which leads to serious negative long-term effects for the prostitutes, such as trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, self-medication through alcohol and drug use, eating disorders and a greater risk for self-harm."Feminism, Sex Workers and Human Rights".It is time to put aside moralistic prejudices, whether based on religion or an idealistic form of feminism, and do what is in the best interests of sex workers and the public as a whole.".IOM (International Organization for Migration)."Prostitution in Five Countries".I believe if a prostitute or former prostitute wants to see prostitution legalised, it is because she is inured desensitized both to the wrong of it and to her own personal injury from.Violence was used to initiate some women into prostitution and to break them down so that they would do the sexual acts.
At any hour of the day, women of all ages and races, dressed in hardly anything, are put on display in the notorious windows of Dutch brothels and sex clubs and offered for sale - for male consumption.

21 Such feminists see prostitution as a form of male dominance over women, as the client has sex with a woman who does not enjoy it and who may be making a tremendous psychological effort to mentally dissociate herself from the client.Such authors highlight that in allowing arguments about prostitution to be reduced to a stale analysis and theoretical debate, feminists are themselves contributing to the marginalization of prostitutes, simplifying the nature of the work they carry out and the personal circumstances that involve each individual.Legalising Prostitution is Not the Answer: the Example of Victoria, Australia.For the vast majority of prostituted women, prostitution is the experience of being hunted, dominated, harassed, assaulted and battered.These feminists argue that sexual liberation for women cannot be achieved as long as we normalize unequal sexual practices where a man dominates a woman.In the Netherlands, women in prostitution point out that legalization or decriminalization of the sex industry cannot erase the stigma of prostitution but, instead, makes women more vulnerable to abuse because they must register and lose anonymity.Donna Gavin, lieutenant, Human Trafficking Unit, Boston Police Department Pretty Woman' Normalizes Something That Destroys prostitutes in new york queens Lives.Legalization/decriminalization of prostitution is a gift to pimps, traffickers and the sex industry.