Later, you actually have to escort an entire army, while taking down hundreds of enemy mechs.
Xiii has General Carrington, who insists on standing in the open taking on the AK-toting baddies with his pistol and getting cut to ribbons; frustration is alleviated slightly by his being a cigar-chomping Father to His Men voiced by Adam West, so at least there's.
When you reach the silo, Sydney won't raise the elevators until you step on them, letting you stay on the lower levels and snipe badguys on the upper levels before moving up each floor.Introduces Parry the Parallel Bird, a bird which hovers parallel above you, picking up any items it touches.In the barrens chat.Control has been firmly put into the hands of an escortee with all of the survival instincts of a heroin addicted lemming.Since the dwarves can't be killed (they don't even have sprites once they're un-petrified) and don't say anything after their being-freed comments unless you choose to talk to them, the escort part is no more of a hassle than getting from the Red Dwarf Mines.One famous example is the 'Protect Natalya' objective in GoldenEye, where not only do you have to escort the eponymous character into the Janus base (though she does get to help you with a Cougar Magnum during that phase but you have to keep her.You can clear the stage without him in all cases, but keeping him alive to the end of a couple levels is required for 100 Completion.Armored Core tend to have the people be escorted in rather flimsy mechs or even flimsier tanks or APCs.One walks slowly forward while a million grim reapers spawn.Between BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us, we've had a spate of games that serve as (essentially) very long escort missions - but are notable for NOT being awful.Well deal with it!" This also gets you a collectable cliche which Comic Book Store Guy even goes as far as to say "Worst Video Game Cliche ever!" Front Mission Gunhazard's escort mission with Luven Al-Habi is a bit of a mixed bag.Escort NPC's in Medal of Honor : Allied Assault can die in as little as one hit.Un fortunately, the driver seriously needs a lesson in Instant-Win Condition just run past the bomb, don't swivel off the track.
NPC, keeping them alive through one or more challenges without getting killed or seriously hurt, or sometimes even touched.

Escortees tend to zig-zag on the uselessness scale; while somewhat slower than the player and with limited ability to navigate around obstacles, they can teleport to your location if their pathfinding fails or you're too far away.These trainers heal your and their Pokémon after every battle, are moderately helpful in battle (in particular, you keep getting attacked by two opposing trainers at once, and having an ally makes it closer to fair and don't pass out and cause a Game Over.It's not so bad in that he is decently durable and usually hangs around far in the back, and by this point you're free to fire off those shiny pre-war.45mm rounds you were using as money while there were still shops, which are ideal.Due to NPC speed being different than PC speed, the above is a problem in every escort quest, though the examples given are indeed standouts.A second one involves keeping a stupendously weak wizard from dying while you escort him through an entire chain of quests fortunately, you can whack him over the head to set him straight, and if he does die, you can just start over the current.And if you fall too far behind him, you fail the quest even if you later catch up and successfully defend him from monsters.Subverted in that Frodo's escorts, except Sam, go off and do something else at the end of the first book, but Frodo still makes.

They proceed to patiently wait in their base while you clear the entire map of everything that moves and set up turrets at their destination, make sure to stay behind your tanks once they get rolling, and even once the enemies start growing out.