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as in hot wheels 1996 escort rally many German cities, Saarbrückens sex industry really exploded in 2008 when Romania and Bulgaria were acceded to the.Gesext features a mind-boggling array of categories from slaves to gang bangs via nude cleaners.If and when a man selects them theyll get in to his car and drive to a row of pastel-coloured "boxes" - that look like somewhere youd keep cattle.Robert has noticed a few girls at Pascha who seem unhappy.They will need to sleep with at least four men to break even.If a woman asks them for help, they put her in touch with the police.

She always gets the newest one.More than 55,000 men come to Paradise every year.Most are in a similar situation to Suzi: her family has no idea what shes doing and she has no desire to have an official record of her years in prostitution.That's not a stock photo.We go first to the table dance on the ground floor, have some fun, look at the girls and then we split off and everybody goes upstairs separately.This work is not for a long time, she says.Its like talking to a Disney grandmother, only one who is telling the most terrible stories.But Robert likes it here.You spend your money, you know what you get.Last year I paid for a trip to England so she could learn the language.
Hermann Müller knows that some of the women working in Pascha have pimps, but the pimps are not allowed to come in the club, he says.