Yesterday alone troops found 14 bodies of ltte cadres along with three T-56 riffles, one 81mm mortar gun, two radio communication sets and one sniper riffle.
The upgrade to the Power Glove.In recognition of the importance of a sound knowledge of computing, the centre has already started training in this field.As soon as the session started, opposition members demanded that the Question Hour be postponed to discuss Thursdays violence in which more than 100 lawyers were injured.Eyewitnesses said the police ran to him pinned him down to the ground and arrested elite escorts istanbul him before he could set himself on fire.I have no issue with people expressing their personal views - that is their democratic right.Ingo Infiltrations Into National Security.Contributed by dirtyace_98 Smugglers End: Once you gain access to the Brotherhood Citadel you can take, search or lockpick anything that you want.
While the Government appreciates this gesture of goodwill by the people towards ones fellow citizens that need help, the attention of the Government is also drawn to the possibility of unscrupulous persons or organisations using this situation for personal gain.

Police Find Explosives - trincomalee: police men found an unattended parcel containing.5 kg of C-4 explosives from trincomalee town area Sunday (15).Search operations that followed recovered five hand grenades, four magazines, one anti personnel mine, two cyanide capsules and one binocular, abandoned by terrorists.They left leaving all dreadful lifestyle they practiced to govern our nation during the colonial rule, of which Tamil issue they created during their divide and rule system of ruling to run the statehood.Instead she made the weak, ambiguous statement that it was "wrong to put all terrorists into the same category." I was appalled (Full article in Island).Perhaps Sampanthan has a problem with his arithmetic he quipped.This evening following Radar confirmation effectively eliminated those terrorist aircrafts reducing both of them to wreckage.A total of 3,848 people crossed in January while the number rapidly increased by 31,908 in February.
Isnt it common courtesy that he should first ask another sovereign state whether he can be of assistance by way of sending one of his emissaries instead of jumping, jocelyn escort boots and all, into a diplomatic mess?