An environmentalist would look askance at ships of this era.
This was designated as the Control Engine Room and it was the station for the Engineering Officer of the Watch (usually a CPO) who was responsible for coordinating the operation, including communications with the bridge.
Pickett, CSA Adolf Von Scheven Pickhardt, usna - World War I, World War II John Elliott Pillsbury, Rear Admiral, katie flowers escort twitter Geographer, Explorer, Warrior - Spanish-American War Clifford Pindell, CPO1, Killed In 1944, Found In 1994, Identified/Buried In 1999 Roland Robert Pineau, ATC, Lost Over Vietnam.Washburn, Chief Warrant Officer - Aviation Pioneer Pope Washington, Lieutenant Commander, SAW, Boxer Rebellion, Philippines - USS Maine Survivor - Wife An Actress Richard Albert Waugh, Captain - United States Naval Academy (usna) Alban Weber, Rear Admiral, World War II Destroyer Escort Commander Wendell.Daniel Ammen, Rear Admiral - Civil War - Boyhood Friend of Ulysses.Briggs, Rear Admiral - usna, wwii, Korea, Presidential Aide Josephus Asa Briggs,., Rear Admiral, usna, World War II Harry Lerch Brinser, Rear Admiral, usna - Spanish-American War, WWI, wwii - Navy Cross, LM Robert Pearce Briscoe, Admiral - usna - WWI, wwii, Navy Cross.Machinery spaces were in an echelon arrangement, with alternating fire rooms and engine rooms.By Captain George Stewart, USN (Retired).

Benson, Lieutenant, Killed In Mid-Air Practice Flight William Lewis Benson, Rear Admiral - usna - World War II Commander Robert Austin Bergs, Commander, usna - Explorer Antartic With Admiral Byrd - Submarine Commander, Attorney Joseph.Casey,., Captain, usna, wwii, Korea, Vietnam, Aviator - DFC, LM,PH, AM Silas Casey III - Rear Admiral, Son of A General John Jarrell Cashmere, Captain, Destroyer Mine Sweeper Commander - LM John Howard Cassady, Admiral, usna - World War II Combat Commander -.2, destroyer escorts were regular companions escorting the vulnerable cargo ships.Rear Admiral, Civil War James Patrick McGrath, Hospital Corpsman - Killed In Vietnam In 1967 - Returned Home In 2001 Kathleen McGrath, Captain, First Female To Command An American Warship Michael."Classes of Destroyer Escorts".Late in the war, plans white crack whores were made to replace the 3-inch (76 mm) guns with 5-inch (127 mm) guns, but only.If you want your club listed please send us your URL and we will post it here.
Howard Willis Alexander, Captain - usna - Test Pilot - Combat Pilot In Vietnam - DFC.
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