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Green Flag: Low hazard, calm condition; Yellow Flag: medium hazard, moderate surf and current; Red Flag: High hazard, strong surf and/or currents.
Theft : Mostly theft of unguarded belongings on the beach.
Many Cubans are "entrepreneurs" and may try to sell you something of offer their assistance, but hustling and solicitation is usually non-insistent and not intended to be threatening.Every hotel in Cayo Coco provide an in-room safety deposit box to store your important documents (passport, tourist card, airline tickets cash, electronics, jewelry, etc.We make no guarantee as to the quality and use of the elements of our website and we cannot be held responsible for the use you make.They usually have a digital keypad and you have to choose your own 4-digit code.If you're not interested simply say no with a smile, hustlers are usually nor insistent or aggressive.Plugging a 110V-only device will damage.
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Most police officers are in uniform and they all carry identifaction.Don't pack valuables or small electronics in your checked baggage.Overweight baggage charges : In Cuban airports, some check-in agents may try to make you believe that your checked baggage is overweight, charge you the excess fee, and then keep the money for themselves.Fire Department 104 is the emergency number georgia backpage escort to get.Tourism is very important to Cuba's economy so strict and prominent policing and guarding make the streets and hotels places where tourists usually feel safe.Useful TIP: After setting your code, do first a locking/unlocking test with the door open!Cuban people are mostly friendly, open and helpful.
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If you're quite certain that your baggage don't exceed the allocated limit, ask to speak to a supervisor, chances are the agent will quickly apologize saying that it was a mistake.