It is of great Increase, yielding from eight hundred to a thousand-fold, and thrives best in wild Land, that has never been broken up before.
At the other House, where our Fellow-Travellers lay, they had provided a Dish, in great Fashion amongst the Indians, which was Two young Fawns, taken out of the Doe's Bellies, and boil'd in the same slimy Bags Nature had plac'd them in, and one.He climbs Trees with the greatest Agility imaginable, Page 118 is very strong-limb'd, catching a piece of Meat from any Creature he strikes.This Accusation is laid against an Indian Heroe sometimes wrongfully, or when they have a mind to get rid of a Man that has more Courage and Conduct than his neighbouring Kings or great Men; then they alledge the Practice of poisoning Indians against him.The first is the same as in England; the other as big as a Black-Bird.The other sort is very beautiful, and about the Bigness of the Owsel.The green Guard is shaped, in all respects, like the other, save that his Scales are very small and fine.Their bodies pressed close against.The Sycamore, in these Parts, grows in a low, swampy Land, by River-sides.This Tree thrives no where better, than on the Sand-Banks by the Sea.The one with the giant bushy mustache asked.We told them, it was a very pleasant one.The Mats the Indian Women make, are of Rushes, and about five Foot high, and two Fathom long, and sew'd double, that is, two together; whereby they become very commodious Page 189 to lay under our Beds or to sleep on in the Summer Season.
Some of their Channels admit only of Sloops, Brigantines, small Barks, and Ketches; and such are Currituck, Ronoak, and up the Sound above Hatteras: Whilst others can receive Ships of Burden, as Ocacock, Topsail -Inlet, and Cape-Fair; as appears by my Chart.
Then sharply whipping her cute ass with a riding crop five or six times.

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These Santee-Indians are a well-humour'd and affable People; and living near the English, are become very tractable.I know no use their Furs are put.The English have a breed of Dogs fit for this sport, about the size of Farmers Curs, and, by Practice, come to know the Scent of a Bear, which as soon as they have found, they run him, by the Nose, till they come.They never are contented with a little, but when once begun, they must make themselves quite drunk; otherwise they will never rest, but sell all they have in the World, rather than not have their full Dose.The Dogs often bring him to a Bay, when wounded, and then the Huntsmen make other Shots, perhaps with the Pistols that are stuck in their Girdles.They have the same Feather, as in Europe; only the Cock wants the Horse-Shooe, in lieu of which he has a fair Half-Circle over each Eye.
After they have overcome him, they eat his Tongue, as I said before, and the Whale drives ashoar.