When Cowell reasons why not to legalize prostitution asked her if she was working, she replied: No not at the moment but when Im a pop star Ill be all right.
Before leaving the studio, Chloe wailed: 'I still really want to have a career, but I think it's in soliciting prostitution new york tatters now.'.
She insisted: 'I am the best mum ever.She would be a nightmare to work with, a nightmare, Cowell confided to his fellow judges before Chloe had even sung.The 12 million viewers who watched Chloes audition sex too soon dating would have seen a 19-year-old who was certainly happy to fl aunt her body but who was also a mixture of youthful exuberance, gobby defiance and pleading desperation.If I carry on like this Ill be a coke head as well as a hooker.Chloe said: "X Factor rang me one night and said 'Is there any truth in the story?' and I said 'no'.In an interview with a downmarket newspaper, Miss Heald desperatelytried to justify her drug-taking.I dont want this to be a popularity competition, I think it is important that it remains a talent competition.She was raised on the rough outskirts of Wakefield by her mother Helen, who works as a cleaner, and apparently has had no father to speak.What do you expect?I want to meet guys and girls for nothing but dirty fun, she advertised on one adult website, where she was calling herself Candy (a 100 per cent English Yorkshire dirty slut).At one point during the teens cocaine session at the hotel in West Yorkshire she even tried to recruit her friend and another woman for a foursome with the client.Her exit from the show came the day she exposed for allegedly taking cocaine at a hotel in West Yorkshire last Wednesday before apparently charging 450 for a two hours of sex.
Chloe, going by the name Chloe Victoria, was kicked off the X Factor in scenes screened last night.
'Im so so stupid for even doing.'.

Chloe, who has been arrested 140 times for a variety of crimes, said she had got into an argument with the woman at a railway station about Destiny being out with her at night.Meanwhile, Chloe has revealed in a downmarket tabloid how she views prostitution as easy money: I dont feel degraded, she has said.Other charities have suggested that Chloe would benefit from counselling rather than being paraded on television.Our shocking footage shows the single mother hoovering up huge quantities of the drug, three days before an estimated 13m viewers watched her on last nights show.She also showed off her four tattoos on the programme.'The guy was really fanciable and then after that I met up with him a couple of times and I still talk to him all the time now.'.And she said of Simon Cowell: I wish I had sh*ed Simon.