He teaches her sophistication, she teaches him to stop being a greedy, life-ruining corporate pig-dog.
In fact, an awful lot of damage was done during this period.
It was a crazy time.Whatever, the story went that Gere was forced to make a top secret visit to LA's Cedars-Sinai hospital to have it surgically removed.Lujack, though, was a live-wire, loud-mouthed and funky, strutting and preening, his lust for life overflowing.Still fighting for Tibetan freedom, this was a chance to have a pop at the Chinese authorities, and Gere used.When he returned from filming Yanks he found that Looking For Mr Goodbar and Days Of Heaven had made him a movie star.Gere became that most rare of commodities, a bona fide Hollywood sex symbol.Many stars made cameo appearances, Gere appearing as a choreographer, but he stood out, receiving an Emmy nomination.Together they travelled extensively, first to Tibet, where Gere met up with lamas and monks.
But it didn't crash as badly as Richard's next movie, King David.
Intersection, a third remake of a French movie (Les Choses De La Vie saw him having to choose between his haughty partner (Sharon Stone) and his hot new lover, Lolita Davidovich.

That same day, on a Disney jet arranged by Jerry Katzenberg, they flew to Las Vegas and were married.Having parted company with Penelope Milford, he'd began another open relationship, this time with Brazilian artist Sylvia Martins.So you can understand why the movie, a big hit, made Richard even more of a sex symbol than he was.Like his friend, the Dalai Lama, he's that kid of guy.Like American Gigolo, the movie was a great deal more gritty than your standard romance, but once more Gere, who received a Golden Globe nomination for his pains, was seen as Loverboy Number One.All of these experiences combined to increase Gere's desire to help others, particularly tribal peoples facing the theft of their land, or even extinction.But it just got worse.First there was American Gigolo.It made him world famous, yet this was a reputation lake como and the bernina express fully escorted that this highly intelligent actor actively and publicly despised, and he spent years struggling against it, trying to be taken seriously as a rounded thespian.Then Primal Fear pulled his career together again.In fact, having rid himself of the "sex symbol" tag, he was pretty much where he wanted.
And then there was Bent.

He arranged a special premiere of the movie in Washington DC, just before an official visit by Chinese president Jiang Zemin and, during the visit, addressed a pro-Tibetan rally outside the White House.
Strong support came from Brit thesps like Edward Woodward and Cherie Lunghi, but audiences were not drawn to this slow re-telling of ancient stories, particularly not as sexy Richard was hidden by a beard AND indulging in weird dancing.