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Transvestite prostitutes have become common place in Thamel these days.Thamel is not quite the 24-hour party city that other capitals have around the world.Live bands play until late, live bands at Purple Haze are a popular attraction for Nepali and tourists.And there is usually a constant flow of tourists.But inside your ears will be immune to the engines due to high music decibels while your lungs heave in cigarette smoke from locally filled lounges.Police dont like their photograph taken any more in Nepal.The flesh trade is growing day by day in Kathmandu with the help of these young boys.Although a large proportion of CSWs are aware of condoms, only one-fifth of them reported using condoms most of the time they had intercourse.Empty back streets filled with roaming dogs.At least until you met someone in charge.Fast food cyber till late.But tourists still fall prey to their fixated pleas.The poverty, unemployment and the lure of quick money have pushed hundreds of young boys into this dark trade.Police are active until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights."If I don't do it, someone else in the market will get the customers and I will lose my commission and earnings.
Most nights can end between 10pm and 1am.

There are approximately 5,000 street children in Nepal, according to the non-governmental organisation (NGO) Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre.Nepal, where over 30 per cent of the 30 million population is below the poverty line (BPL 42 per cent are unemployed and which until 2006, saw an armed struggle by Maoist insurgents, it is hard to resist the money the trade offers.As the night wears on taxis jam the streets outside clubs waiting to collect local youths with plenty of money still to spare.Girls in high heels, short skirts are the norm these days as are Nepali men with slicked back hair and if possible a western or Chinese lady in arm.The client is handed over to a senior pimp who further executes the deal.Street dogs roam all of Nepal at night.About 47 had vaginal discharges, 36 had pelvic inflammatory disease, 24 had ulcerative disease, and 4 had urethritis.You are more likely to be arrested or chased off for pointing a camera near them these days!Over 50 of the CSWs have a secondary or higher level of education.This paper presents a socioeconomic profile and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV among 341 female commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Kathmandu Valley.And dont forget to read my free guide to Thamel.
If the business is slow, then we have to work hard to get more clients.
Once a deal is fixed, they take the client inside a small house that operates in the name of a massage parlour or dance bar.

Last chance on a rickshaw.
"Some money I give to my family and the rest I spend on myself.
Dressed in simple clothes, these boys look out for foreign tourists visiting Kathmandu's Thamel market - famous for its dance bars, pubs, restaurants, shops and nightlife - especially after dusk.