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Sierra and the doors were cut-down Sierra items; though small parts-bin items like switchgear were also used to save development time and expenses.
Front.8 in (300 mm) diameter ventilated discs.
The gearbox itself is strong and unlikely to need attention.
Reportedly, Ford initially tried to develop a Group B version of the Escort, though not much is known about that car.Not only is the RS200 fast and accomplished when you give it its head, but the cars are amazingly strong.Wheels edit Ford magnesium alloy, 68 in rims (8 in and 11 in option for racing tyres)."It's quickest to drive the car into a turn very hard, pitch it in with oversteer and maintain that attitude through the corner with the throttle.A problem-filled development led Ford to abandon the project in frustration in 1983, leaving them without a new vehicle to enter into Group.For 1987, Ford had planned to introduce an "Evolution" variant of the RS200, featuring a development of the BDT engine, called later as BDT-E, displacing 2,137 cc (2.1 L; 130.4 cu in developed by Briton Brian Hart.Although the Group B-spec S4 and T16 cars were mid-engined, they still originated as front-engined cars.Later that same race, a Lancia Delta S4 driven by Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto ran off the road and burned to the ground, killing the driver and co-driver.
Those chassis and spare parts were later also used to build a couple of non-genuine, so-called bitsa cars.

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Boost levels, power output ranges from as little as 550 hp (558 PS; 410 kW) to as high as 815 hp (826 PS; 608 kW although most typical output was 580 hp (588 PS; 433 kW) @ 8000 rpm and 400 lbft (542 Nm) @ 5500 rpm of torque.If youre going to buy one, it ought to be for at least some track use.Two types of engine were fitted to the RS200:.8-litre unit or.1-litre unit unique to the 20 Evo editions.One of the best ways of ensuring good engine health is an annual coolant change; these all-alloy powerplants need a good dose of anti-freeze so make sure it isnt too dilute.Neither set-up gives trouble; even with hard use there are no weak spots.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, rally in the, group B era, was as popular as it ever had or would.In handling terms, this means the RS200 is incredibly nimble.
The RS200 was unlike any of its production car based competitionwhich included the Peugeot 205 T16, Lancia Delta S4 and the Audi Quattro S1 among othersand yet, it was somehow cooler for.
Garrett T3 turbocharger /boost pressure 23 psi (1.6 bar).

#200 at the Ford Heritage Centre, Dagenham Top speeds: Gear mph km/h rpm Top,900 4th 97 156 8,900 3rd 79 127 8,900 2nd 63 101 8,900 1st 42 68 8,900 Acceleration from rest: True mph Time (sec).
FIA homologation rules for Group B required the construction of at least 200 road-legal vehicles, and Ford constructed these 200 units with spare parts for another 20 units put aside for the racing teams.