These units use a leather backer with a Kydex shell.
The plastic shells are interchangeable, so you could use on slab with different plastic shells for multiple guns.The Spectre is a shoulder rig that allows for a good amount of customization.The rig is leather that is wrapped around a thermo-plastic core to help it maintain its shape for years of service.Full-Frontal Assault : The barbarian Naked Spears/Swords/Warriors units don't wear anything at all.War Is Hell : Invoked by the creators, and a logical end to the ever increasing realism of the battle engine; actively reinforced now with the Blood and Gore Pack.There are nearly 50 different colors and patterns available for the finish.Yeti-Tac offers several different styles of concealed carry holsters including IWB and OWB rigs.The year after, another expansion pack- Rise of the Republic - was announced.

However, you can get access to berserkers and you also have the opportunity to expand without harassment early.These are only available in black, but they are less expensive that some of the other leather Galco rigs.Please dont take me the wrong way on G G duty holsters.It rides close to the body and has a 10 cant to better conceal the butt of the gun.To being in love with a prostitute keep things thin and light, it does not have an integrated magazine pouch.It uses the companys third generation J-hook that allows for both secure carry and tucking in a shirt over the top of the gun.
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Since it has only two belt slots, you are limited to a strong side, forward cant ride, but that is what a lot of people want.