Though, because only two members of your team have the ability to revive fallen allies, in any difficult mission, it's usually an unofficial escort of them, because if they die, the rest of your team will probably follow shortly afterwards.
Of course, after you take care of all the enemies, Kratos immediately kills the translator by bashing his head into the altar (it's required, though; the inscription ends with the reader offering himself as a prostitutes in ghana and their numbers sacrifice to prove the subject's worthiness).
Dean refuses to be carried.Fortunately, it also averts this trope in two mission where an objective is to make sure a certain mech doesn't die.Lois Lane in Superman64, like all friendly NPCs in this game, walks at an absurdly glacial pace as you have to escort her out of Lex Luthor's warehouse.You, as the player in both games, will seek to emancipate the Little Sisters from their watchers.But now that Kratoss latest adventure is upon us (and getting glowing reviews its clear that Barlog was fudging things a bit.Avalanche Express by Colin Forbes involves Western intelligence escorting a defecting Soviet general across Europe on the Orient Express.Others were averted in that once rescued, the NPC would leave to make their own way "home" (you still got XP).This is annoying when she basically tells you "Go up into that tower and shoot anyone who comes near me" At that point, the LOL (basically a sniper rifle) takes up the most weapon energy of your weapons and no quick way of replenishing weapon.Unfortunately, a tank is on the low side of the food chain when everybody else is driving mechs.You literally have to walk him several in-game hours to the place he needs to be in order to complete the quest.Alternatively, you could take a demp 2 gun with you at the start of the level to keep it stunned in place although you have to be very conservative about your ammo for the latter.4, having a number of quests for characters to tackle is seen as a way to provide variety, and to counter the need to grind in these types of games.
Some might even be out to pick a fight, no matter how ill-advised.
Not only did you have to escort her, you had to carry her royal ass, making her literally The Load.

The old text-based The Hobbit computer game required Bilbo to ensure Thorin's survival (and for maximum points, Gandalf's) until everyone returned to Bilbo's cottage.Not only is the player in complete control of the peasants, but the setupnote In which the player would have to maneuver their units in accordance to the trains provides a genuine challenge without resorting to Fake Difficulty.During one level of The Force Unleashed you are told to protect a Jedi from Imperials at all costs.Fortunately, most of them are easily skippable owing to the nature of the game.The ghosts seem split evenly on whether they attack you or her.The eleventh mission of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies is simply titled " Escort ".There's one part at the start of disc 2 where Kyle gets mortally wounded and his HP is reduced to 5, making him a One-Hit-Point Wonder until the next cut scene forces him to flee.This is made slightly easier by the fact that you can give them spare guns/ammunition, which they will use.Sargent Abraham Simpson explicitly tells you "I know what you're thinking.Completion of each quest is a prerequisite to beginning the next quest in the chain.These are not infrequently the bane of the player's existence, but in this mission the destroyer being escorted is apt to take out more of them than the player.
They also have a tendency to want to stand in the same spot as you, sometimes a bit ahead, even when you're currently fending off an enemy with a melee weapon (and as such, the area in front of you is not a safe one).

The only saving grace of all this is that you can have someone control her by playing co-op, which eliminates the problem entirely.
This solves many of the problems of Escort Missions in general (especially poor pacing but you still have to keep an eye on the NPC in case he/she/it decides to go after nearby mobs, and/or vice versa.
Or they were very hard to see and moved very fast.