Chris, update: May 5th, 2009 - Goodbye ZR3!
Roy describes the install of the ZR4 laser jammer along with an Escort 9500 radar detector and then performs a series of tests evaluating the laser shifters performance against police laser guns.Horn, technical information: the signal from the horn is digitized early on by a 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC then fed into a Xilinx fpga.Multi-Color oled Display, display features an oled display for rich colored alerts on the screen; blue/amber/red/green themes.Passport Max M5 Radar Horn, courtesy of CJR238.2) Detector Setup: 3 month old Passport Max,.8, just sent to Larry to fix a squeaky mount.Switching from segment to segment takes merely milliseconds.1) Course: flat and curved road; approximately 2700 feet long 2) Results: Basically, the Passport Max alerted 1700 feet to the forward threat. If you waited to save up some dough you're too late. Just remember that Escort products purchased on Ebay don't come with a warranty, regardless of what the seller claims).For example, even though the 9500ix supports firmware updates, which TSR came out, it had to be sent back to Escort.Since radar is installed it becomes part of the car and not visible to most people.Escort Passport Max Firmware Versions Version Release Date Information. His review of this detector also illustrated similar findings like those found by jdong and the community.

Kit includes 2 brackets sets.Escort Passport Max Cost, Features and Contents. Before the Passport Max, the Passport 9500ix was one of Escorts top-selling radar detectors.This 3x finer granularity of lockouts should increase the Maxs ability to detect police radar operated in a lockout zone.Sensitivity and Response Test Ka-band (34.7 GHz) Notes: Basically, almost every shot that produced Doppler and a reading set off the MAX.The shifter ZR4's High performance "Multi-Shift" laser transceivers provide maximum protection against laser targeting and cincinnati microwave's exclusive "link" design allows you to connect the shifter ZR4 to select escort radar detectors (. One feature that made the 9500ix popular among radar detector buyers was the fact that it had a GPS module which allowed users to lock-out prices prostitutes dubai false alerts.3) Results: Both detectors provided more than adequate alert to the pending threat, but the Redline won by a huge margin almost 3x the range!Escort provided some members of this community with pre-production testing units, but they were limited on what they were allowed to say about their prototypes, and provided largely positive reviews while not commenting on performance.TSR (Traffic Sensor Rejection radar detector filters false K-band alerts caused by Traffic Flow Sensors mounted on streets and highways.

The shifter ZR4 includes (2) front-mounted and (1) rear license plate mounted laser transceivers, interface module, display controller with audible and visual alerts, and a remote mute button.