Personally Id like to see Escort provide a less expensive alternative to Live for those who simply want the escort s2 cordless radar detector benefit of realtime speed limits (that I can already get in my 20 GPS app) and easy detector configuration (to make up for the clumsy.
If youre worried about the radar used by adaptive cruise controls 8, it uses a different band and does not interfere with detectors.With those changes it might well become my new favorite detector.First the basics 2Both the V1 and the Passport Max feature a full suite of sensors, including K-band, Ka-band, the older X-band, and laser (aka lidar).It starts with a 100 Bluetooth-enabled cord that can communicate in realtime with your smartphone and then out to Escorts servers.Both units have very good suction cup mounts that stayed on despite quite a bit of driving on historic Route 66 some of the bumpiest highway youre likely to encounter.I found this surprisingly useful, and often easier to read and less distracting than looking down to see my cars speedometer.By coupling the GPS capability with its computer interface, Max adds the ability to pre-load Passports Defender database of speed and red-light cameras.You need to memorize their location.Both will tell you which band is active with the V1 having separate lights for each so you can see if there are multiple different bands in use, while the Max will also announce the band to you.As to red-light cameras, Im personally not a fan of running red lights, so I dont see much value in knowing where those cameras are, but I guess it comes with the territory.Helping make up for any issues with the Maxs signal filtering is its GPS capability.The V1 and the Max, as befitting the flagships of two of the top firms in the radar detection industry, both deliver on this score.Were also not encouraging you to use one of these units somewhere they are prohibited by law (currently at least Virginia, Washington, DC, and military bases in the US, and in some other countries).
A second and fairly easy to turn adjustment controls the muted volume.
A subscription to Escorts Defender database (20/year) allows the downloading of known speed traps and cameras.

While the Max did a much better job than the V1 of not triggering when passing highway speed sensors, it was more of a mixed bag when it came to other false alerts.ExtremeTech unless otherwise noted.Image Credit: David Cardinal 9, printed from.The V1 has an incredibly simple and easy to use interface.They both offer a sliding scale to judge the severity of a threat, indicated by alert volume and by a row of lights.No tickets were issued in the research for this review.The passport Max, passport 9500i, passport 9500ix and passport SC55 require an USB A to Mini USB cable (USB printer cable required for passport 9500ci) not included with detector - before you can install location database updates and detector software updates.In return, it passes along any alerts you mark with your detector.That lets it get information about the current speed limit (where available) to use for warnings, and alerts from other nearby Live subscribers.

For now it is a close call between the two units.
One hard-to-fathom design decision is the continual moving arrows on the right side of the LCD.