General Settings Sensitivity: Auto Brightness: Auto Pilot: Full Word Meter Mode: Spec FR2 Arrow Mode: Band Auto Mute: Med Auto Tones: Standard ZR3 Mode: Off escort rs turbo s1 restoration Voice: Off Auto Power: Four Hours Units: English GPS Filter: On Auto Learn: On Cruise Alert: 35 MPH Over Speed.
Blue, green, red, and amber are available.Note: When connected to Escort Live, the cruise alert threshold will be replaced with the current speed can you get prostitutes in red dead redemption limit of the road youre on, information provided via the app.KaN9 On / Off* Freq:.600 -.840 GHz.Highway: Full sensitivity on all bands at all times.Feel free to customize this further to change the color of the display, use metric units if you need, change the low speed threshold, adjust the auto mute volume level, and modify anything else that best suits you.Auto: Reduced sensitivity on X and K bands when traveling at low speeds for fewer false alerts around town and full performance when driving on the highway.KN1 On* / Off Freq:.050 -.110 GHz.KaN5 On Off Freq:.600 -.800 GHz.Defender: Clear all of the Defender database alerts including redlight camera and speed camera alerts.Traffic sensor radar bursts) which does reduce performance on K band.POP Enable detection of 67 ms Ka band POP radar.This is a specific type of radar designed specifically to allow police officers to monitor a vehicles speed while being too fast for a radar detector to alert.
These are different from blind spot falses.
Arrow Mode Configure how the arrows work, especially when detecting multiple signals simultaneously.

On: When Wi-Fi is connected, the speed limit on the detectors screen will be white.KaN2 On / Off* Freq:.700 -.900 GHz.This is a mix of general recommendations plus my own personal preferences.Is this a typo in the manual?Brightness, adjust the display brightness.Speed on Display Display your speed on the detectors screen.
Standard: Traditional Escort alert tones Standard: Traditional Escort alert tones with a double-beep when an additional new signal shows up during an alert Mild: Detector alerts sound like a doorbell chime ZR3 Mode Configure laser jammer (shifter) integration with your radar detector.
Format: Clear out all of the above.