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For more information on the new escort SmartRadar radar/laser detector, escort Live ticket protection app and escort's complete line of premium automotive products, visit m or call the company direct.In addition to network alerts, the new smartphone app technology provides escort's industry-leading Defender database of red light and speed-ticketing camera locations and speed traps as well as escort's patented GPS features including posted speed limit information, over-speed limit alerts, live traffic for route optimization.The SmartRadar unit is a supercharged, out-of-sight radar/laser detector with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and is designed to connect easily with escort Live, escort's multi-award winning ticket protection network.Facts on radar detectors and speeding tickets: Radar detectors are legal in 49 states (only Virginia prohibits their use).Escort Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world's best premium automotive accessories, today announced that its all-new escort SmartRadar Bluetooth Enabled Radar/Laser Detector has received overwhelming accolades from media attendees at this week's ctia Mobile Wireless Show.Escort manufactures products under the escort, passport, redline, solo, Vector and beltronics brands.SmartRadar includes full X, K, how to get prostitutes in red dead redemption and SuperWide Ka radar capability, digital signal processing for superior range and reduced false alarms, escort's patented Mute and AutoMute functions, alert reporting using both audible and visual band alerts and much more.But the real benefit of the new SmartRadar unit is its seamless connectivity to the award-winning escort Live ticket protection app.Sku: Regular Price:.10 Special Price:.04 Add to Compare Versteel 5' x 2' Performance Table, School Table, Training Table, Office Table Sku: 746-2044dblleg Regular Price:.99 Special Price:.44 Add to Compare 2018 Mendelsons.Brother G3K22N10-MF4AEB4 3-Phase Induction Gearmotor 1/2 HP 460VAC 4P 10:1.Sku: 734-3522, regular Price:.93, special Price:.99, add to Compare.
Is the leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors, the patented escort Live real-time ticket protection network, commercial fleet escort SmartOffice rugged mobile PC, escort MobileTV, Guardian Alert reverse obstacle detection systems, Entourage GPS-enabled navigation and tracking products, escort QuickStart and other Drive Smarter.
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Repeatedly called out in prominent reviews as a leading new technology (Edmunds 'top ten best new product Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice and a Car and Driver 'Top Ten Most Promising New Technology' award winner escort Live continues receiving national market exposure.According to m the average speeding ticket costs 150.00 and the average insurance premium increases 900 over the course of three years.SmartRadar has two display options.The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio, with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.Drivers can use their smartphone and the connected escort Live app to display SmartRadar performance and features or, use a miniature display-controller for attaching to the rearview mirror which provides direct control and display of the SmartRadar unit.24 Pc Set Of Smooth Melamine Restaurant Bowls, Salad, Dessert, Dinner Plates.Once connected, drivers have instant access to active radar and laser threats as well as all of the many alerts and benefits of the real-time shared alerts passed through the Live app network.Added to the long list of accolades, escort Live was recently named a cnet 'must see' new product.
Press members and organizations such as Engadget, twice, CBS News and other high-profile media attendees participated in up-close live demonstrations of both products at the press events.
Escort's new SmartRadar device is a complete, supercharged, quick-install radar/laser detector with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology for connection to mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices.