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Both Russia and Nato, including Britain, routinely test reactions with such sorties, sometimes flying almost up to the white crack whores boundaries of each others airspace."Upgraded Su-24M2 Bombers to Russian Air Force".Both crew members died.Archived from the original on 25 December 2010.48 Su-24MK Fencer-D Export version of the Su-24M with downgraded avionics and weapons capabilities.New York: IP Media, Inc., 2005.A key feature was the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds at low altitude for extended periods of time in order to traverse enemy air defenses.Libyan Arab Air Force edit Libya received five Su-24MK and one Su-24MR from the Soviet Union in 1989.
Sukhoi Su-7B into service in 1961 was the requirement for Sukhoi to develop an all-weather variant capable of precision air strikes.

Retrieved "Russian Forces Capture Military Base in Georgia".Because the Su-24 is used almost exclusively for low-level missions, the actuators for the variable intakes were deleted to reduce weight and maintenance.OKB-794 (later known as Leninets) 4 was tasked with developing an advanced nav/attack system, codenamed Puma, which would be at the core of the new aircraft.49 Su-24MP Fencer-F Dedicated electronic signals intelligence ( elint ) variant, intended to replace the Yak-28PP 'Brewer-E'.In June, the US released photos of a Russian Su-27 fighter flying close to the wing of a US Air Force RC-135U reconnaissance jet over the Baltic Sea; the Pentagon deemed it an "unsafe" interaction.A Russian fighter jet intercepted a US Navy P-8 surveillance aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, CNN reported, citing two US defense officials.Nelson, Nigel (8 September 2013).Turkey also sent two F-16s.65 On, an Algerian Air Force Su-24 crashed during a training flight killing both crew members 66 escort 9 letters On, a Russian Air Force Su-24 crashed outside of Khabarovsk in Russia's Far East killing one out of two crew members.Su-24M in flight, 2009 The Su-24 has a shoulder-mounted variable geometry wing outboard of a relatively small fixed wing glove, swept.However, there has been a rise in activity by Russia around the Baltic states, where the RAF is also deployed.
"Chechenya - Air force in local wars - ".
1 Su-24M2 Fencer-D Next modernization of Su-24M introduced in 2000 with the "Sukhoi" program and in 1999 with the "Gefest" program.

55 Libya : Libyan Arab Republic Air Force - Six Su-24MKs were received in 1989.
At the end of January, US Naval Forces Europe said a Russian Su-27 flew within 5 feet of a US Navy EP-3 Orion surveillance aircraft, which is specialized for signals intelligence.