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Nord Sharpening Stone A whetstone etched with Nord symbology, used to grind and hone the edges of steel tools and implements.
Source: Elizabeth Ann Designs, billy Ball Escort Card Display Box.Firsthold Painting A richly textured oil painting of the first settlement of Auridon.Bronzed Egg Tooth, a prized childhood keepsake, coated in bronze.Source: Ruffled Blog, photo Table Runner, if youre using long tables for your reception consider making this table runner!Fahara'jad's Rod Replica A replica of the royal staff carried by King Fahara'jad, this rod is often given as a gift by Forebear nobles to their children.Tinted Spectacles in Gemstone Frames Pair of blue-tinted spectacles in silver frames, set with turquoise accents, in a fine tortoise-shell carrying case.Ebonheart War Toys These tiny Ebonheart soldiers and siege engines are carved from ivory.The label insists the troll was hunted locally in Bangkorai.Bottle escort rs turbo s2 intercooler of Red Claw Polish Bottle of bright crimson claw polish, with applicator brush, for use when both moons are dark Sangiin's Midnight.It telugu actress in us prostitution racket was likely given as a gift to Captain Kaleen's most talented seamen.Imported Khenarthi's Wool Blanket Soft ivory-colored blanket of wool from Khenarthi's Roost.Red Squirrel Paw The preserved paw of a rare red squirrel, considered by many Khajiit to be a good luck charm.High Rock Quilt This Breton quilt features an embroidered map of High Rock.Mudcrab Shell Powder Case The women of the Alik'r desert often powder their noses before social engagements.
Diminutive Mundus Stone A wandering merchant who visits Eastmarch once every season sells these small, stone paperweights in the shape of Mundus Stones.

It glows with magical light.Senche-Jaw Hairbrush A hairbrush made from the jawbone of a senche-tiger.Either that, or an actual stuffed bantam guar.Dragonshrine Chalice A sculpted dragon claw grasps the stem.Ornate Shaving Mirror An ornate hand-held shaving mirror crafted from fine silver and inscribed the names of Aldmeri deities.Official Lion Guard Envelopes Envelopes bearing the official seal of the Lion Guard, suitable for sending important correspondence.
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Star-Gazer's Optical Instrument A spyglass specifically designed to gaze into the night sky and chart the movement of the stars.