Podrick really just an exceptionally good lover?
Tyrion saying that they wouldn't take it, much to the wonder.
But I wonder, was there anything more serious behind this scene.
There doesn't seem to be any particular reason for these scenes other than a sort of comic relief.Brienne and Podrick meet Hot Pie.Upon arriving to King's Landing, Podrick is reunited with Bronn and later with Tyrion Lannister, stating that he is glad to see his former lord again.5 Bronn reminds Tyrion that he still owes Podrick for having saved Tyrion's life.Tormund quips to Podrick that he is a "lucky man".Ser Cedric treated Podrick more as a servant than as a squire who was also a cousin.Brienne emerges victorious, but the two have lost sight of Arya.After the negotiation is ended, he presumably accompanies Brienne back to Winterfell.

We're desperately trying to figure out what the heck really happened, and having long discussions sheil road prostitution about.Up vote 0 down vote Littlefinger wants to spy on Tyrion.It is not likely that Pod, a virgin, would be such a good lover that the prostitutes would be giving him a freebie, Littlefinger must have told them to.Theon however decides to part company and return to his family in the Iron Islands.Brienne and Podrick are forced to flee on horseback from their pursuers.Ros : They said it was hard to describe.We're basically having the same reaction that they did.He dresses Tyrion in his armor prior to the battle during a meeting with Lord Varys.
" Podrick and Brienne see the reunited Stark children.
He is soon released by the sellsword, who tells him he is surprised Podrick is still alive, and notes that he is still a squire.