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Perfectly matched, the game style stock complete with a soft rubber recoil pad feeds into a big, hand-filling grip complete with two panels of closely machine cut checkering.
About the time I was ready to test the Magnum, my friends at Bond Bywater commented that they just acquired themselves the magazine extension for their own example and wouldnt it be a good idea to try the gun in 7-shot guise.
This allows you what does transgender surgery look like to single load a cartridge and literally switch off the magazine feed as required.
With a wider choke and Express Supreme 9s starting in a gun-down stance, the short butt allowed for an extremely quick mount and shoot, with close range birds absolutely decimated.Well Ill tell you, the large black padded travelling case containing everything you need to be on your peg or opposite a sitty tree within minutes of you taking delivery.For most, the 21 gun will be the preferred model although with Section 1 paperwork, a magazine extension is available to give the Magnum a 71 capability, ideal for most practical and working situations.Plus it would also make a good choice for those looking for a cheap yet reliable Practical Shotgun.Loading up is reminiscent of that all time classic, the Browning.Add some seriously impressive walnut into the equation and both looks wise and price wise, Hatsan and the UK importers Edgar Brothers are on a winner.Equally, with Full choke, long distance crossers or high overhead birds such as those a duck or goose shooter would encounter were despatched with ease.It also rather emphasizes that the Escort is at heart a tactical weapon with a design structure angled towards situations slightly more intense than a Sunday mornings Skeet layout.Cheeky, what youve to be careful of is the shortness of the stock.Just like the Magnum Xtreme, the Missione is extremely comfortable to use whilst the handling and movement is excellent.Advertise your guns and accessories and be seen by 1000s of buyers.Reviews, hatsan Extreme Max, the Hatsan Escort has been with us for quite some time and it seems as though UK shooters have an insatiable appetite for the budget auto that still manages to sit close to the top of the best seller list year.Apart from the now familiar cross-bolt safety thats situated to the rear of the visually, rough hued trigger guard, the bolt release is situated on the left of the receiver, with a magazine cut off lever on the right, just below the bolt handle.Finished off with a simple brass bead sat on top of the high, vented 7mm rib, the gun comes with a full set of short interchangeable multi-chokes and a basic T shaped key to fit them.Keep the cut-off depressed and youll shoot one round at a time and have to keep reloading.With the Magnum mounted, theres a definite feeling of being cramped up around the gun, with the back of your thumb nudging against your nose, which is not ideal for the correct sight picture, or when using magnum loads.
Dovetailed on the top perchance you wish to fit a red-dot sight, as always the usual magazine cut-off has been incorporated on the right-hand side just below the ejection port.
Yes, you have read it right, 625 for a gasser that looks and performs like a shotgun worth three times the price.

This ability to work with lighter loads also means that given the Magnums dimensions it will also serve as an ideal shotgun for someone starting out, as it will function reliably yet not beat the hell out of the novice shooter and put them off.Likewise, once you looked at and handled the Missione and checked with your dealer that the price tag is actually correct, youll wonder why you bothered even considering looking at anything else!Weight of pull though is as is, the trigger breaking at 7lbs 4oz, escort solo s2 suction cups a tad heavy maybe but I quickly got used to it and its a good weight for a semi-auto.All that remains is to spin the mag cap on and, as the saying goes; youre ready to rock and roll.Once located, lock the bolt into its open position and the barrel will then slide fully home.Basically the Missione needs driving a little harder than your initial feelings suggest especially on crossing targets.
Although you can buy yourself one with Magic Wood, a faux walnut finish, its more than likely those potential owners will opt for one of the three Mossy Oak camo versions, or the all-black synthetic job seen here.
Firstly theres the gun that comes complete with some seriously stunning walnut complete with a robust lacquered finish, the Missione still in line with its brethren as a gun designed to take the knocks and perform well in any situation.

Weighing in at a fraction less than 8lbs, the first thing that strikes you about the Magnum is that its all barrel and action.
Look, See, if theres one thing Ill guarantee about the new Escort Missione its that it attracts more than its fair share of onlookers.
It may not be a true Turkish delight but if youre on a budget or want one of the most resilient 12-bores out there, Escorts Magnum takes a lot of beating.