i heart crack whores sticker

No ones ahead.
Hard White Remix Lyrical villainys given epitome is officially finishing killing spree.
Every single time I fucked a bitch I had birthday sex.She want to be a model to finally be pretty.Still No Sucka MCs Every beat that is given to me I flip on like a acrobat cause Im mad when Im told that a whack ass rappers stacking the dough.I broke down my lyrics, Im the only one that can break mine.Need some money asu safety escort service for my daddy and a lot for my mom.
No wonder why no one understood.
Honeycheeks, you look like you need some cheering up, says one of the crack whores as she waddles over to me on her four inch heels. .

Mommy taught me always to do what is fair.Ill be defiant till achieving highness like Leonidas.You could be like dad, living the same life every day and going home to nobody.Mommy crying in the kitchen, I pretend I dont see.I got a whole crew behind me and you look weak.Ive been a boss since.

Verse 2: Little boy couldnt walk on his own, talk on his own, yeah yeah now he can.
Shit, I might kill the expectation, I might sing the eulogy.
But Ive been working my ass off since I was new in my teens.