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Have interaction time; Encourage them to inform you of any mistreatment via social media, often the silent suffering of the bullied is of the greatest difficulty faced; Anything done via a technological platform now has a permanence and it is important for children to understand.
The victim attends Groote Schuur High School and it is understood that the incident was a result of prior social media fighting on an Instagram account which had occurred between the two girls.
We have taken loads of reactions from listeners who have come to understand the destructive power of this phenomenon and the impact it could potentially have on their children, Thomas told City Press.It first appeared on Facebook on Monday evening, where the girl (16) can be seen recording herself as a friend of hers laughs in the background.How to make sure your kid isnt at the mercy of someone like the girl on the viral video.Try to keep abreast with changing technology.As a radio station we have an obvious platform to do so, but there is a greater level of two-way engagement on social media.About halfway through the clip, she warns her target to return to school on the first day of the new term.Also negotiate that you have access to their profiles and groups.
All couples are different, and if you feel your union is so strong that it can sustain anything that you divulge about yourself, then great!
Due to the youth spending an increasing amount of their time on social media, not much thought is given on the way in which social media is used to build or harm relationships.

These are just some of comments on a disturbing video that featured a teenager from Cape Town blurting out crude remarks and threatening commentary to another girl (14).Insist that when a social media account is created, the condition is that you will be a follower so as to monitor online activity; Talk to your children.While I believe that most couples should have little to no secrets between them, revealing too much or digging up the past that has no bearing on who you are today may be irrelevant, prostitution code pénal belge and cause unnecessary drama in your relationship.The wced is concerned over cyber bullying after a learner threatened a peer in a video on social media.The video went viral on social media sites earlier this week.Lauren Isaacs, cAPE town - The Western Cape Education Department has raised concern over cyber bullying after a girl threatened a peer in a video on social media.Thomas released a statement saying that he was committed to helping her and as a result decided to remove the video.You can just stand in line with the other bi*es waiting for me to care.City Press spoke to educational psychologist Merritt Watson on the dangers of cyber bullying.Education MEC spokesperson Jessica Shelver has confirmed that the girl who made the video and her sibling, who can be seen in the clip, have been suspended pending an investigation.But if you dont feel obligated to reveal everything there is to know about your life, here are a few things we feel you might be able to keep close to the vestwith a few caveats of course.