Most clearly seen when Twilight attempts to babysit while running a bunch of paradise brothel madrid spain errands, including visiting a hospital of sick children, and going through all the trouble of winning back her stolen crown instead of just taking it back (albeit with a belated justification all.
Now that I have replaced all of Celestia's narrative impractical functionalities, this is my house and I make the rules.
There's also a Running Gag of Rainbow Dash shooting herself in the mouth whenever DWK jokes about the show upsetting him, but it's only briefly onscreen each time he uses.
Twilight: It's because you touch yourself at night, Spike.Limestone: This rock might look like a regular rock, but all you've got to do to find the hidden gem inside is crack it open and go fuck yourself.This Loser Is You : Constantly lampshaded by the narrator, whenever something in the show could be be interpreted this way, with a dose of Self-Deprecation on the side.That might sound like a bad thing but what that tells us is that we're dealing with a legit dating site.Like "hey, child I gave birth to, what's going on with you?Then she winks at the camera.If a website is fake 9 times out of 10 their own terms page will prove they're a scam.But do you recall ever having a passing conversation with your daughter that didn't revolve around who's taking care of her for the evening?Taken to its logical extreme with Maud in Season 6 Episode 3: she's so blunt that she can make anyone feel like a horrible failure in a few words.Crack Pairing : invoked He speculates that Zesty Gourmand is the offspring of Lord Voldemort and Tilda Swinton who somehow fell through the portal to Equestria.The cock ring dating and sex quiz will keep you nice and hard, while the attached dildo slides into her butt.Author Filibuster : Once in a while, DWK will break off his narration to discuss a topic he cares about.
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Twilight: Well dude, you just answered your own question.DWK: Oh Trixie, you talk such a big game and act like such a badass, but when shit gets real you scream like a little girl and toss away your last shred of dignity like a used prophylactic.12.99 at Lovehoney RingO's The Screaming O Cock Ring RingOs The Screaming O is a great starter ring for guys with no previous ring experience who just want to dip their toes into the cock ring pool so to speak.By slipping the beads in her vagina, the intense vibration gets her off while sending waves of pleasure to you as you thrust.Sex for Services : Played for laughs, when Starlight offers Sunburst (who's still a virgin) sex to get out of having to tell him what she's been doing with her life."The Reason You Suck" Speech : DWK gives one to Trixie, after she immediately start acting like a coward during "To Where and Back Again" from finding out about the changelings.Easily Forgiven : Starlight, just like in the show proper and even lampshaded by Starlight.

DWK has also recorded a few rants that have been left mostly unedited, where he can be heard lighting up a bong and drinking beer.
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