Bail is the amount of money the court determines that paid escort definition somebody has to put up to pay in order to not be incarcerated during the pendency of his or her case.
There could be times where there is no bail for that, but towards the higher range, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.If the accused pleads guilty to misdemeanor, the charge is "pled down" from felony to misdemeanor, as long as there are no aggravating factors.In the state of New York, for example, a Class A-I felony, the most serious of that state's classification system, can result in a fine of up to 100,000.However, if someone has prior felony cases, the Westchester local Courts, such as Greenburgh, Yonkers, Rye, Scarsdale, White Plains, Port Chester, Yorktown, Mount Vernon, Mount Kisco, Elmsford and Armonk, will take the position that they cannot set bail or will only set bail.No Comments, identity Theft - Voter Comments, no Comments, involuntary Manslaughter - Voter Comments, no Comments, child Abandonment - Voter Comments.Attempt - Voter Comments, no Comments, kidnapping (surprise adoption) - Voter Comments.This process is known as expungement.In the event that incarceration is ordered, it may only be for up to 12 months.
If you make all your court appearances, they get their money back at the conclusion of their case.

Minor in Possession - Voter Comments.In these felony cases, there is a procedure, which our White Plains criminal defense lawyers are familiar with, whereby we can appear in the Westchester County Court for a bail determination or bail review application, if an unreasonable amount of bail was set in the.No Comments, insurance Fraud - Voter Comments, no Comments.In New York, a misdemeanor is a crime where the maximum sentence is one year or less, and a felony is any crime where jail time is more than a year served.For example, a person who is charged a second or third time for felony assault and battery may be given a sentence of 25 years in prison, or perhaps even life imprisonment.Call the law offices.No Comments, wire Fraud - Voter Comments, no Comments, murder of the Second Degree - Voter Comments.