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She was hot and gave me the look so I told her I could use some help with my pants and she unzipped.
Male, 48, Los Angeles, USA: My girlfriend came to the restroom while I was in there, knocked and I let her in, f#ked her.
Time of day We ask participants if they had sex during the day or night to understand if it was easier when the majority of passengers were asleep.This is when my friend piped up and told me if it was going to happen then it was going to be with her, not the stewardess.The majority of people had sex that lasted 10 minutes.If you want to get down to the model of choice its a Boeing 747, with not much separating the Boeing 777/787 and Airbus A380 for second place.I turned and smiled at her and she blushed as prison whores she didn't think anyone heard.Watch him explain below!Male, 44, Orlando, USA: It was night and everyone was asleep.
I got up behind her, went to the toilet, looked around and walked.

Male, 22, Dallas, USA: I was dating the air hostess but while going back home she wanted me to f#k her so we decided to take the risk cultural values and prostitution in nigeria and try it in bathroom but other staff ended up knocking on the door and we got.Did you get caught?You can see some of the airlines are no longer in operation for some time, this suggests that people who have sex on plane may only do it once with the aim of crossing it off the list.We both carefully made our way to the bathroom, lucky the plane was dark as it was a night flight.And on a glacier.Therefore these results are purely related to our survey respondents claims and not indicative of the behaviour of passengers who use a particular airline.
We had no choice but to come out head high.
Most respondents refused to comment or disclose the airline.