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In 1987, Takeshita and two other close supporters of Kakuei Tanaka - Shin Kanemaru and Ichiro Ozawa - took over control of Kaku-san's machine.Botha became prime minister and Smuts his right-hand man.In about seven months, I went from 245 pounds to 175 pounds.You know how it is with magical realism: you can have any big impossibility, but the trivial stuff must be strictly plausible.Pad oxide Nitox or stress relaxation oxide.Kombo Yaya, Dieudonné, foreign minister of the Central African Republic (2008-09).PNS Peripheral Nervous System.foreign minister of Canada (1957-59).(This sounds like it was scripted.One of the highlights of the 2004 US presidential campaign came in early September, when Democratic candidate Kerry affirmed lucidly that the invasion of Iraq was the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.' It's an interesting thought.
billion' means million million in traditional British and current French and German usages, which have thousand million' and milliard respectively, for 109.
Here's a bit of his introduction (December 1931) to the American edition.