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208 Bill Oddie, naturalist, comedian, and television presenter.28 Charles Haley, American football linebacker."A public lecture by Matilde Marcolli mood Disorder Andrew Lange" (PDF).Madness: A Bipolar Life.Hils Barker (12 December 2010)."The Key to Genius: Manic Depression and the Creative Life".A Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness."Famed frontman Steven Page shares his journey through mental illness".193 Valdemar Schønheyder Møller, Danish painter, known for his depictions of sunlight."Slater reveals bipolar illness"."Suicide, lies and videotape: The real 'Informant!

201 Petr Muk, Czech singer.
166 Bernard Loiseau, French chef, was the chef and the owner of 3-star Michelin restaurant-La Côte d'Or, Loiseau committed suicide on 24 February 2003.
240 Gary Lee Sampson, American murderer.