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Councillor Philip White, who represents the Dove ward on Staffordshire County Council, said he was disappointed as a vote could not be held on what should be the association's next course of action, which could have included a call to expel the MP from the.
Some of his supporters also vandalised my car.
I do think it is right that we conduct a fair and thorough disciplinary process but we need a timely resolution of this issue.".The association would also usually organise any Parliamentary re-selection process if a new Tory candidate were needed to be chosen in the event of a by-election if Mr Griffiths were to chose to stand down.Mirrorpix 4, in the messages Griffiths said he wanted to be referred to as 'Daddy'.Tory party members in East Staffordshire have welcomed an investigation into the behaviour of shamed sex text.NOT cool AS cucumber, teen threatened to stab dad in head after mum served salad for dinner.
Married Griffiths, 47, stood down as Small Business minister at the weekend after sending more than 2,000 explicit and violent messages to two female constituents.

No is implied or inferred.Asked if Mr Griffiths should resign, he said: I wouldnt comment on that.He said: "I was shocked and appalled by the revelations published in the Sunday Mirror relating to Andrew Griffith's behaviour and I spoke at the association meeting to call for swift action to be taken to address this situation.Read More "Conservative Code of Conduct processes were explained, with Andrew Griffiths having referred himself to the partys Code of Conduct, and party members aired their views in an open discussion.An escort driver training investigation into the MP's conduct conduct is being carried out by the Conservative Party and he is currently suspended from the party.East Staffordshire borough councillor Bernard Peters said: It was a fair and open debate.His representatives did not respond to a request for comment yesterday.Amended IN Senate August 23, 2018, amended IN Senate July 05, 2018, amended IN Senate June 14, 2018.The last MP to be expelled was in 1954 when Peter Baker, Conservative MP for south Norfolk, was thrown out after being convicted of forgery and sentenced to seven years in prison.The whip is currently withdrawn, leaving Mr Griffiths technically operating as an 'Independent MP' following his suspension from the party.Read More, he is currently suspended from the Conservative Party pending an investigation.
He has also apologised for his behaviour.

People expressed their views and every knows that emotions are running high.
It is independent and when the association meets again then the executive will have certain powers they can enact and then there is a process within the party.
Enrolled  September 05, 2018, passed  IN  Senate  August 28, 2018, passed  IN  Assembly  August 31, 2018.