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Yo no lo soñée (Ay si, que yo me voy pala boquilla) Ay porque es una maravilla, (Yo no lo inventé Y bailar cerca de la orilla Si, si no me muerde y yo te muerdo -gruau- Y como perro no domesticao como animal enjaulao.
But dont hesitate to request your favorite tunes from the fore street edmonton prostitutes deejays, who also appear to have a good time.
Psychedelic images and a "Space Bar" selling naturally hallucinogenic products create a trippy feeling that is nothing compared to the "unique" dance moves of some of the patrons, but at least it makes a change to the mechanical robo dance for which Berliners are renowned.
The question is; why?Y caminéee y caminé en la punta el pieee, lo vasilé.An army of youths in Murphy's T-Shirts (or was it Guinness) will be happy to serve you with a stuck-on smile, and a host of your fellow German co-patrons will be glad to step on your feet as they attempt to express their emotions.Pavillon am Weinbergsweg Veteranenstrasse 9, 10119 Berlin - Mitte Tel: 449 5973, Fax: no fax U8 cosworth escort rs200 Rosenthalerplatz Located in Volkspark am Weinberg map: Planted in the middle of Mitte's Volkspark, Pavillon looks not unlike a disused scout hall in a satellite town.8 -10 map: Another classic example of a post-wall squat-come-club.No need to feel uncomfortable in this very unpretentious pub-like venue.People are more likely to be dancing on the tables than standing around looking cool.If arriving after midnight you are likely to encounter a gaggle of sweaty partygoers in the street, desperate to get a breath of air.Clubs, kreuzberg, mitte, prenzlauer Berg, schöneberg, friedrichshain.Y caminé y caminé, yo no lo soñé, yo no lo inventé.Intent on being at the forefront of the clubbing experience, the large dancefloor is accompanied by video screens and light installations which prove to be unnecessary distractions.

Events here can be anything from live dance displays, poetry reading and classical music to jazz, reggae or electronic parties.Live Music, events, the district of choice for chic Berliners (the ones not wearing black or ripped clothing kunst cognoscenti, global hipsters, and of course tourists of any ilk.Iron bar gates and bare brick walls (which seem to be typical for this kind of club devised in East Berlin in the early nineties) create the necessary ambience for listening to some of the best techno on offer in Berlin.Im Eimer, rosenthaler Straße 68, 10117 Berlin - Mitte Tel: 282 2074, Fax: no fax U8 Rosenthalerplatz, Bus N8 Times: Fri Sat 23:00 Price: approx.Top of page Berlin Information Group anything missing or wrong?New filas, clean black levis, and some of those big, stylish headphones.Drinks are ridiculously expensive.Map: One of Berlins smallest clubs, the atmosphere in this former safe building can be electric, as long as you can tolerate the stifling humidity.If youre still not sure, why not try the less pretentious Thursday night when rock music is on the menu.
Funky interior, funky people.

There is something on every night ranging from literary events to rock 'n' roll discos.
Y caminée (y yo me voy pala boquilla).
A refreshing change for Mitte.