I think it's time that we accept our historical figures as having flaws as well as greatness.
The next day, Sept.This story was updated on November 4 to include information about the FBI's surveillance of King in the 1960s, and former FBI Director.Schulke, Flip and Penelope.Kings reasons for failing to attribute some, but not travestis escorts london all, of his sources.Martin and I were away more often than we were at home; and while this was no excuse for extramarital relations, it was a reason.

The course King chooses to follow at this critical time could have momentous impact on the future of race relations in the United States, the 20 page documents introduction reads.The investigatory committee, comprising three professors in the BU School of Theology and one from American University, was appointed by Westling after researchers at Stanford said they had discovered numerous instances of plagiarism in Kings work as a graduate student.In 1991 a Boston University investigatory committee concluded that King had plagiarized portions of his doctoral dissertation but did not recommend the revocation of his degree: A committee of scholars at Boston University concluded that Rev. isbn (pp.Throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to the public view as a moral leader of religious conviction.These qualities made him even more attractive in close proximity than he was at a distance.As for the assertion that no other public holiday in the United States honors a single individual besides Martin Luther King Day, we note that Columbus Day (honoring explorer Christopher Columbus ) is a federal holiday, as is George Washington s Birthday.Thus he may have simply become convinced, on the basis of his grades at Crozer and Boston, that his papers were sufficiently competent to withstand critical scrutiny.
Cornel West points out, we have a tendency to mythologize people like King.
After reading a draft of the dissertation, DeWolf criticized him for failing to make explicit presuppositions and norms employed in the critical evaluation, but his comments were largely positive.

New York: The Free Press, 1992.
King was under FBI surveillance for several years (until he died) due to his ties with communist organizations throughout the country.
A Senate committee later confirmed that the letter, alongside recorded evidence of King's extramarital affairs, had been sent to King by the FBI.