He them fired twice more at the Chinaman, who was running away through the bush.
See the crocodiles at Katherine and the sandstone gorges high where reflections pose for photos coloured by the azure sky.
Sam Poo was a Chinese bushranger in Australia who was active in the Coonabarabran region of New South Wales during 1865.He was nicknamed Cranky Sam prostitution global issue due to his surly manner.Plunkett arranged for Ward to be taken to his homestead, and sent for the doctor who lived 50 miles away.A long foot chase ensued, during which the pursued shot the Constable in his chest, mortally wounding him.He was described as 29 years old, 5 10 tall, had brown hair and blue eyes, and his complexion was fair.He came upon Sam Poo, who suddenly dived into the bush and ran.Ward lay helpless all day and night, and about noon the next day the station owner, James Plunkett, who was riding by, found him.Where the River Todd is waiting for the seasons to turn wet, you can turn back time and visit sites where pioneers linger yet.
A meeting was held in Mudgee, where a large sum of money was raised for Senior-Constable John Wards widow and children.
Poo was a Chinese emigrant to Australia during the Gold Rush, but instead of mining took to highway robbery on the road between Gulgong and Mudgee.

There were rumours that he had been a Chinese laundryman in Sydney. All are welcome.Sam Poo took Wards weapons and set off into the bush.They rushed him, but Harry Hughes reached him first.Two weeks after the incident Sam Poo was finally tracked down.The trooper lay bleeding on the ground until he was found by Mr Plunkett, the squatter on whose run the shoot out had taken place.On 8th February 1865 he attacked and raped a woman, holding her a prisoner all day.A skilled and elusive bushman, he evaded capture from the authorities for several weeks.For two weeks they scoured the district in vain.North to south the journey wanders at a speed the railways do, to traverse our ancient country, crowned by ranges, purple blue.Doctors tended him and after nine months he was taken to Bathurst for trial.
Ward fell to the ground, discharging one shot from his Colt in the process.