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On those high peaks that bear the somber woods The last dusky light casts its gloomy moods.
Sóng sc màu hoa nh la rc catholic teaching prostitution Áo chiu nay em sc nc mùi hng Trên da thm anh hãy th hng nng mãi nh hng tình y k nim.How beautiful are radiant suns in hot sundowns!Vous que le temps épargne ou qu'il peut rajeunir, Gardez de cette nuit, gardez belle nature, Au moins le souvenir!Huchon for having buried exegetes and biographers, who in general do not question the existence of the poetess Louise Labé.Marceline Desbordes-Valmore found in this "nymph on the banks of the Rhône" a soul not unlike her own.Let the wind that groans and the reeds that sigh The gentle perfume of your balmy air, Let all that is heard or seen or breathed All say: "In love they were." Translated by Thomas.However, in 1894, he was elected "Prince carlton brothel house of Poets" by his peers to succeed Leconte de Lisle.

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Bình hoa.During his lifetime, Ronsard's genius earned him deserved fame throughout Europe, where his poems were avidly read and he himself was honored.Is she brunette, blond, or red?I bear without a word its hopeless pain's torment And the one who caused it will know of it hardly.Ô bruit doux de la pluie Par terre et sur les toits!Why should I tarry in earthly exile?Her daring, lewd sonnets and amorous adventures earned her the aspersions and ill-will of her scandalized and unsympathetic contemporaries.