His works inspired poetry movements and literary trends through Latin America.
I highly recommend World Nomads.This place has culture aplenty, kind locals, cheap beer, and lots. .Stay in Paradiso for a couple of nights, you wont regret.Latin American Surfing Competition : As much as surfing in Nicaragua has evolved, so have surfing-related activities developed throughout the country.Alemán has tried to improve the economy but has been plagued by a corruption scandal.
Ometepe has it all.

Unfortunately, as in most Latin American countries, machismo is prevalent to some degree among Nicaraguan males.Since the Sandinista era the democratically find sex locally elected governments have made significant progress in attracting foreign investment.The Pacific lowlands are interrupted by about 40 volcanoes (the country has a total of 58) of which San Cristóbal and Concepción are the largest and most imposing.Nicaragua is an excellent place to learn how to surf.Book Your Managua Hostel Here!It is unbelievable to me that the USA government so openly supported the Contras and were never held accountable for crimes against humanity, which certainly occurred in many forms during the war.
There are no shortage of tasty things to try in Nicaragua.

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Freedom of religion does exist.
Some drivers may ask for a little money for bringing you along but its usually not more than a dollar.