Chapter 20 Ordeal, Witchcraft, Juju and Criminal Charms 207.
Any person who, with intent that an unmarried girl under the age of eighteen years may be unlawfully carnally known by any man, whether a particular man or not, takes her or causes her to be taken out of the custody or protection of her.Any person who, not being authorised by the Postmaster-General, (1) sends or conveys a letter otherwise than by post; or (2) takes charge of a letter for conveyance; is guilty escorts in santa barbara ca of a simple offence, and is liable to a fine of one hundred naira.Chapter 16 Offences relating to the Currency 146.Any person who, having brought, or under pretence of bringing, an action against another person upon a penal Act, Law or Statute in order to obtain from him a penalty for any offence committed royal yacht escort or alleged to have been committed by him, compounds the action.Any person who, being the owner or occupier of any house, room, or place, knowingly and wilfully permits it to be opened, kept, or used, as a common betting house by another person, or who has the use or management, or assists in conducting the.Except as otherwise expressly stated, it is immaterial, in the case of any of the offences defined in this chapter committed with respect to a woman or girl under a specified age, that the accused person did not know that the woman or girl was.Any person who- (1) shoots at a vessel of any kind which is in use by a customs officer while engaged in the execution of his duty as such officer; or (2) shoots at, wounds, or causes any grievous harm to a customs officer while.Any person who, being a peace officer, and having notice that there is a riot in his neighbourhood, without reasonable excuse omits to do his duty in suppressing such riot, is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for two years.
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Judge Richard Bond said: 'This is the first case in England and Wales under the new 2015 act whereby people have been trafficked from one country into another country.

31 of 1941.).Any person who- (1) detains a woman or girl against her will in or upon any premises in order to her being unlawfully carnally known by any man, whether a particular man or not; or (2) detains a woman or girl against her will.Hes still running his gay church in the UK and has been speaking out publicly against the recently passed anti-gay law in Nigeria.Any person who, when any property has been attached or taken under the process or authority of any court, knowingly, and with intent to hinder or defeat the attachment or process, receives, removes, retains, conceals, or disposes of such property, is guilty of a felony.(1) Any person not being a citizen of Nigeria shall, upon conviction of an offence against section 219, 222A, 222B, 223, 225A, or 225B, be liable to be deported by order of the Minister, and the provisions of the Immigration Act shall apply, mutatis mutandis.Any money or money's worth paid or deposited for or in respect of the purchase of a lottery ticket shall be recoverable as money had and received to the use of the person by whom the same was paid or deposited.(2) If the person rescued is in the custody of a private person, the offender must have notice of the fact that the person rescued is in such custody.Any person who- (1) procures a girl or woman who is under the age of eighteen years to have unlawful carnal connection with any other person or persons, either in Nigeria or elsewhere; or (2) procures a woman or girl to become a common prostitute.Next articleBBNaija: First Photo without BamBam Is Teddy A wearing a Bra?
140 to 142 - Repealed by 1972.

John Adewoye is on self-imposed exile on grounds of his sexual orientation and because of the danger of living as an openly gay man in Nige.
(2) A warrant under subsection (1) of this section shall, if any obscene articles are seized under the warrant, also empower the seizure and removal of any documents found in the premises or, as the case may be, on the stall or vehicle which relate.