Sergeant Mark Shepherd, who led the group of escort smart cord live 11 officers, said the police action on Thursday evening formed part of Operation Wormington which had been running since November.
Kellie Pratt, 29, was last seen arguing on the phone in central Norwich in June 2000.Tonight is about high visibility and giving reassurance to the public that we are there for them, said Sgt Shepherd.She pulled through and, with determination, she now has a secure job in a high class restaurant.There were four main issued raised, which seemed to be interlinked - sex workers in the area, drug dealers, the park being unkempt and the number of vulnerable people housed in the area.Britains first legal red light district is in Holbeck, in Leeds.This is Norwich, 45 miles to the north, where the police show no sign of solving the long-standing cases of Natalie Pearman, Mandy Duncan, Kellie Pratt, Michelle Bettles and Vicky Hall."I believe there may have been things done to the bodies of the women that could link them to what happened to Natalie.Ive known her for about 20 years, said Sgt Shepherd.The first to die was Natalie Pearman, a regular at the Ferry Boat Inn he once ran in the red-light district of Norwich.But that is what the residents who live in the Rosary Road area of Norwich find when they use Old Library Woods, which they say is the focal point for anti-social behaviour, drug deals and sex work.Police have never ruled out a link between the five deaths.

Norfolk Constabulary became quite excited when their close colleagues in Suffolk caught Wright, who had been a landlord in Norwich for a short while.Map of the area around Rosary Road, showing Old Library Woods.A DNA sample was taken from Natalie's body, which could offer a potential match with the murderer.Andrew stone, sergeant Mark Shepherd with police and crime commissioner Lorne Green and special sergeant Richard Noble.However, there is also a need to balance this with the needs and experiences of local residents and we would look to enforce when divisionary activities fail to reduce the impact on the local residents and community.After graduating from college Theresa worked for an international publishing company and then in various public offices in both business and social care.
I would like it to be grassy and kept clean, with play things for small children, she said.
Cannan had been released from jail three days before.

As for the suggestion that prostitute murders are investigated less diligently than others, Norfolk Constabulary had nobody available for comment as we went to press.
Under the governance of the trustees, and Theresa's leadership, the group grew significantly, employing five staff members, supported by a team of 25 volunteers who facilitated street outreach, drop-in centre duties and basic skills educational training for those exiting prostitution in Norwich and Norfolk.
Walls and fences are targeted for graffiti, and people say they are scared to walk through the area at night.