police officer caught with prostitute

We take a look at the back story to this phenomenon, and then break down what we're actually seeing in those videos.
While the actions of a small percentage opportunists creating the imagery being gobbled up by mainstream media is most certainly abhorrent, it's very clearly history repeating.
Then we take a look at Paul Ryan, and his comments on human-initiated climate change during a debate, and how a government agency disagrees with him.
We also cover Arizona's next-level stupidity with new laws designed to put a stop to revenge porn, incredibly clueless Millennials, and stupid from all angles over another cop-stop video.Next, would you believe that evangelical christians believe they are the most persecuted demographic group in the United States Yup, it's true.Now, we have a person, Rachel Dolezal, who has been faking her race for political, financial, and professional gain.Brad holds no punches, and walks through the details of a wide ranging Republican effort to stop vast segments of the population from voting - including why strict Voter ID laws are.So we asked ourselves, haven't we heard something about USB exploits before?
We took a deep dive into the claims by those in the EMF sensitivity business, and that it causes everything from headaches to acute fibromyalgia.

Department of Defense Report on Global Warming #12: The Pandemic of Ebola Madness Today on Next Level BS, we cover the number one public health crisis in the united states today, the mind-eating virus of Ebola Madness.It didn't take long to discover that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation, at nearly double the national average, and five-times that of Iran (per capita).Now, we don't like Obama Care, but damn well like the Internet, and that comparison is just mature dating singles wrong.2014 will be a bellwether year with over 4 billion spent in total, and over 1 billion spent just on advertising alone.#24: Decades of Institutionalized Racism Set The Stage for Ferguson We started a typical, isn't this all terrible, send up of the rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, and found ourselves taking a turn down history instead.Except in our case, we're counting down what we see to be the top 10 BS stories from 2014.TSA agent Alex Grossman demanded that Kahler go through additional screening of his person and luggage, upon arrival in Denver.We take our typical deep-dive into the issue, with tons of research and backup for every important point we discovered.However, they're not the first to go to extreme efforts to argue the point that dinosaurs are a hoax created by paleontologists.#46: The Madness Of Helicopter Parents Versus Free Range Parents.Pittsburgh is a safer place, thanks to police detective Ronald DePellegrin, who allowed himself to receive a blow job in order to arrest a prostitute.
To make matters worse, we conclusively show how this will have no effect on the ability thwart terrorism.

#37: The Trans Pacific Partnership, a Corporate Takeover of US Trade Policy.
And while the proponents of the measure point to the potential for health issues in kids, they allow much more serious activities, that have proven to cause health problems, to continue.