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Dubai has transformed itself in recent years with a series of creative, ambitious construction projects that have catapulted this city to the top of every bucket list.Plan ahead for experiences at Dubai's luxury hotels.For non-architects, three to four days will be plenty of time to see everything you need to see.Also, the consumption of alcohol in public is illegal, except in specified bars.How many days should you spend in Dubai?Make dinner reservations at Burj Al-Arab, or stop by for an afternoon cocktail (and view of the Burj Khalifa) at The Address Downtown Dubai.
Where should you stay in Dubai?

The weather gets very hot between May and September, and uncomfortable if you aren't used to the desert heat.Be conscious of cultural differences, if you are heading to Dubai for the first time, you may have questions about the laws that Western tourists consider unusual.For the more budget-conscious travelers, know that you won't have to miss out just because you can't afford to stay at the fancier places!Public displays of affection are considered unlawful.You will have your choice of impressive hotel rooms in this city.Be very mindful of when you choose to visit.
Here are a few attractions you won't want to miss when you visit this desert hotspot.
In short, be respectful.