Health Abortion Missionaries to the Unborn Abortion is homicide, plain and simple. .
Inside the Machines, this page offers a look inside the Diebold voting machines and explains how votes are rigged.
You can do your part to protect your family and take back our country from the evil grip of the minions behind the Federal Reserve.
Jesuit Strategy to Destroy Britain A Lecture by Arthur Noble which gives an excellent historical review of the long established strategy of the Jesuits to destroy Britain.This website reveals Bush as a puppet of Zionist traitors.Pro-choice sounds like a good thing; it does not sound at all like what it is: the free choice to kill helpless unborn children. .The Federal Reserve notes purport to be bearer notes, but the promise to pay has been removed from them. .Miscellaneous Resources Top miami w hotel prostitutes Conspiracy Sites Top 20 conspiracy sites according to popularity by votes.Bush, and grandfather, Prescott Bush, before him) he is a member of the Skull and Bones: "During my senior year at Yale University I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society, so secret I cant say anything more." What is so secret that he cannot.Government to use agent provocateurs to create a catastrophe that would justify a military invasion of Cuba.Legree suspects that Uncle Tom knows where the slaves are hiding and threatens to slowly torture and beat him one drop of blood at a time until he tells. .While being transported to a local hospital, he lamented, I have this feeling that if they put me under with anesthesia Im not coming back.Backed up against a wall and surrounded by thousands of supporters and enemies, people screamed in our faces for four hours.Lee "and" Harvey Oswald Compelling evidence from John Armstrong that there were two Lee Harvey Oswalds.Free American, patriotic Christian website that exposes the truth of the conspiracy against our American liberty.Caradori had just met with associates in Chicago regarding pedophilerelated sexual photos that would have blown the case wide open.If you don't believe it, download and watch the documentary investigative news video, Conspiracy of Silence, which was pulled from broadcast on the Discovery Channel at the urging of influential.S.Vatican Holocaust, online book written by Avro Manhattan about the slaughter of over 750,000 orthodox Serbians during World War II by the Roman Catholic controlled government in Croatia.
Reinforcing his claims, Morrow continued: The Clintons are thugs.

Harris (retired Major General) and others. .Today the tyrants of the world are fearful of only one thing and that is the fearless Christian who will risk everything, even his very life, to overcome tyranny in this world. .Institute For Historical Review Resource site of revisionist historians.The Clintons War on Women.Taney, exposing the treacherous Roman Catholic Church.Read the true story of criminal conduct by the federal government in their efforts to illegally take Wayne and Jean Hage's land and why they want. .Information that the Roman Church does not want you to read.Sammartino, author of a seminal article entitled The 9-11 Passenger List Oddity, was in attendance at Ground Zero on the fourth anniversary of 9-11.Here is a link to our Terms and Conditions statement, in case you'd like to review.He died of a heart attack just before releasing the video.