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According to brothel in wollongong nsw Mernissi's family, he was killed by the debi diamond escort three police officers while in incommunicado garde-a-vue detention in Safi's central police station. .
On February 11, approximately 300 members of prostitution places in tbilisi Group 314 staged a sit-in before the Wilaya (regional office of the Interior Ministry) of Rabat to demand the release of the 8 members who were arrested the previous day. .According to author Abdelkader Chaoui, his book, "The Unachieved Past had been banned since its publication in 1987. .The Government of Prime Minister Abderrahmane Youssoufi is the first government formed from the political opposition since the late 1950's, and his 1998 appointment by then-King Hassan II marked a significant step toward increased democratization. .Voluntary teenage prostitution in urban centers has been estimated in the thousands by NGO activists. .An investigation ensued and, according to the Inspector General, discussions with Akzkane's family revealed that he had been suffering from depression. .The Government permits the display and sale of Bibles in French, English, and Spanish, but confiscates Arabic-language Bibles and refuses licenses for their importation and sale, despite the absence of any law banning such books. .
In September authorities in Fez announced plans to open four centers for the protection of children handicraft workers. .

Special provisions also accorded women the right to keep their children with them in prison until the children reach the age of 2 or longer with special permission from the Ministry of Justice. .To address this problem, the Government provided special funds in the 1998-99 budget for the renovation of prison facilities, and added doctors and health facilities to prisons. .Consequently, few women report abuses to the authorities.Berber cultural groups contend that Berber traditions and the Berber language (which consists of three dialects) rapidly are being lost. .Despite these actions taken to restore confidence and order and to lessen tensions, renewed violence broke out in late October 1999. .After two of its youth members were detained in the incident, the political bureau of the PPS political party issued a communique on October 27, in which it claimed that security forces acted with "unprecedented brutality" in pursuing and attacking students indiscriminately within university grounds.The Human Rights Minister and other government officials attended its opening. .At the end of her stay, Robinson inaugurated the opening of a center for human rights documentation, training, and information. .
While the Ministry of Social Affairs attempts to integrate the disabled into society, in practice this is left largely to private charities. .

More young girls than boys are involved; however, young boys also work as prostitutes (see Section 5).
The primary mission of the centers is to provide quick, effective, and direct assistance to those in difficult situations, with an emphasis on clients' legal rights. .
Minister Achaari refused to explain the reasons for the expulsion when he was asked on national television.