prostitution and drugs statistics

The Motor Citys Plight, crack cocaine is the most widely abused drug in Detroit.
The pimp has every intention of getting the girls addicted to drugs and targets girls who are at increased risk for addiction.
Drugs, Prostitution and Organized Crime, prostitution, like the illegal drug trade, is big business for organized crime.In popular consciousness, sex work is often blamed on drug use.On the contrary, tackling the premises and the backgrounds that generate, enforce and perpetuate this strong link between drugs and sex work would shed some light on how this link should be better be handled, so that the people who are trapped in this link.Or should the whole culture that produces both practices be put in question?As behavioral treatment mainly cures the patients mentally, while medication cures the patients physically.This link between them does not imply that drugs are responsible for pushing women into sex work.Drugs numb feelings of shame and disgust, allowing prostitutes to continue with the degrading, violent work of selling sex on the street.
The people most vulnerable to prostitution are those that have experienced these factors.
"Drug users involved in prostitution: impact on health" (PDF).

"Drug addiction Risk factors - Mayo Clinic".Hence, sex work should not be automatically associated with drug use, as this notion sustains and perpetuates negative stereotypes that are way far from any real situations.Blaming the existence of sex work on drugs will not in any case explain why both sex workers and drug users usually face similar difficult situations that are mutually reinforcing.Effective treatment should address all of the patient's needs.The survey also stressed the fact that, although the women that were interviewed for the purposes of the study were drug users, there are still many women who are involved in sex work but have no relationship with drugs and that many drug-using women are.The results showed that 55 of the subjects reported becoming addicted to drugs before they other words for whore synonyms became prostitutes, 30 reported becoming addicted after becoming a prostitute, and 15 became addicted at the same time they became a prostitute.Nobody gives a damn if I live or die Violence, drugs, and street-level prostitution in inner-city Hartford, Connecticut".
Because of these early experiences with drugs, these people often begin sex work early in their lives.
Having another mental health disorder: Other mental health disorders such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder can increase the probability of drug use of a person.