Reports that he was a brother-in-law of Ceausescu are dubious.
May 14, 1973 Italian diplomat.
Vorontsov, Knyaz (Prince) Mikhail (Semyonovich) (b.This film has won 33 awards across numerous national and international film circles.He convinced lawmakers to repeal anti-desegregation legislation.Many are now daily wage labourer.He was created duc de Vicence (duke of Vicenza) in 1808.He was speaker of The Greens.Ronald Reagan to a second four-year term in 1983, his performance was widely praised.Archived from the original (PDF) on 28 September 2015.23, 1997, Luanda, Angola foreign minister of Angola (1989-92).

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He was also minister of public health and social security (1976-78).27,.S., 1890,.In 1977, he was briefly held hostage after Pres.He gained international experience as India's representative in the International Labour Organization and in the UN General Assembly.22, 1961, Paris, France finance minister (1914-18, 1925 justice minister (1921 and prime minister (1925) of Belgium.She was Yugoslav minister for cooperation with the international financial organizations.31, 1905, Vienna, Austria -.He was subjected to criticism because of his genuine internationalism and anti-militarism, the latter being the immediate cause of the fall of the Henri Jaspar cabinet in 1927.
24,.S., 1822, Kiev, Russia now in Ukraine -.
He joined the Bolsheviks in 1903, organized the workers of Lugansk in the revolution of 1905, and suffered frequent arrest and deportation from then till 1917.

He was permanent representative to the United Nations (1982-89 minister of development cooperation (1989-90 and ambassador to the United Kingdom (1994-96 the United States (1996-2001 and Finland (2001-03).