prostitution legalization poll

Why, if you can't even sue someone civilly for something, can you call them a criminal instead?
Governments of different countries seem to female escort map have no answer to this illegal act.If a girl decides she wants to earn money like this, that's her business.And I don't believe in victimless crime.I would have to show that they harmed me in some way.Prostitution is one of the growing concerns around the globe.And -that- I happen to find immoral. For the younger respondents (ages 18-29 as prostitute area in lucknow city well as Liberals and those earning 100K in annual household income, most share the major concern about prostitutions health aspect (STDs and aids in particular).
Legalization of prostitution, prostitution has been practiced in all ancient and modern cultures.
Who is the victim?

They argue that people have right to their own body and it is their free will to do whatever they want to with.Why should I be bound by someone else's moral code (which is just a fancy way of saying their opinion)?None of those reasons seem to make the guy a victim either.Prostitution has been described euphemistically as "the world's oldest profession".Prostitution is existing since the beginning of first civilizations, ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Israel and other ancient countries and empires had this profession. Only 11 of respondents supporting legalization give their support primarily because they think it would reduce the influence of organized crime; 17 of Northeasterners share this as their main concern in comparison to only 5 of those living in the West.Countries such as Netherland where prostitution is legal are already experiencing significant growth.With John Edwards being the latest name-drop involving the notorious NYC prostitution ring in the Upper East Side, the issue has become only more present in recent political and social discussion.They also say that people living is a society where prostitution is legal are no better than animals who can do anything to satisfy their hunger and lust.No doubt prostitution has been labeled as illegal by majority of the countries but it has become such a prevalent part of the society both in the East and the West that the law enforcing authorities even after knowing the whereabouts of the prostitutes.The girl who takes the money?

According to the Canadian Department of Justice, the new legal framework "reflects a significant paradigm shift away from the treatment of prostitution as 'nuisance as found by the Supreme Court of Canada in Bedford, toward treatment of prostitution as a form of sexual exploitation that.