Women working in the prostitution business are exposed to increased danger and injuries during their business engagements.
The prices are negotiated between customers and the sex workers in the rooms of the prostitutes.Conclusion, despite the justifications provided that legalized prostitution help to eradicate the negative and unethical problems prostitution espagne madrid associated with the sex industry, the business still remains an unethical because of lack of human dignity, exploitative work conditions, trading human sexuality for money and the moral decadence.The unethical aspects in this form of business are exemplified in controls and workplace settings in which clients who require business services can be turned down based on their race and the service preferences (Gleeson 12).As one report says: Swedish street prostitutes experience a tougher time.The San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution.If the client demands unprotected sex, many of the prostitutes cannot afford to say.
Montreal University of Nevada, 2006.
Instead, it is the job of parents to teach their children from right and wrong.

Solutions to the Prostitution Business.What is Wrong with Prostitution?ml "Marriage and Divorce, 1996." Monthly Vital Statistics Report.For many people, money is the bottom-line.They are trapped by financial security, empty acceptance, and sometimes pure fear.Another benefit of legal prostitution is the reduction of violent crimes.This decreases the chances of prostitutes "rolling" their clients.Some people are introduced into this life-style by the persuasion of other prostitutes and pimps.Nevertheless, morals and values cannot be imposed by the government.The prostitution business is more inclined towards coercing the workers psychologically, unlike other forms of businesses because of the predominant position of the society on the practice.The focus on stopping demand is one method that is gaining traction and has been proven successful.
Churches and mosques should influence the society in the right direction in accordance to the Bible and Quran teachings.