So have fun finding them.
_ _ _ _ -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Walkthrough and FAQ by female escort meaning in urdu Nicolas.The old mute woman (Min Deir) there tells you to go east to reach a well.If you found the map/drawing you will know what to do next but if you didn't: Go south of the hands to reach the first mk2 escort bias pedal box setup rock, then east to the second rock, and then from that rock go south three steps.Also watch out for the lightning traps here.The order is to press the ones (4) that are in inner cavities, and after the ones at the back wall.You know the drill, go in the nearby doors to find the "Crocodile Figurine" and then give it to the statue.Down the Temple - Alright, new easy enemies: the Caterwaul (sort of black panther) and the Fire Beetles (they'll leave plenty of Beetle glands all over the level when you kill them).Later on as the game develops, you will find his own armor that only he can wear and then he becomes a fantastic warrior.By starting with a natural armor class of 1, with a full set of magic armor, shield and so on I managed to make him up.C -12 (which means in other words that practically nobody can wound him other than by magic!).
Common components of a suit are a tie, a suit jacket that buttons up, dress pants, loafers, and sometimes a vest.
There is a little "puzzle just go through the invisible wall, press the button and you can go on easily.

Exit this area and go back near the upward staircases, this time going in the west corridor.4 (natural) *Unique* armor THE reason why I installed this game lol.Help out other Ravenloft 2 Stone Prophet FAQ players on the PC by adding a cheat or secret that you know!So Instead of being a pack-rat like.Upper Level - We shall start on this level.Go back to the Gong and heal yourself, put on some protect spells and all.In clear, the ring is great but what is more important?And we are done Exit the temple and you are now ready to explore some more of the desert.Ruined temple OF harvest This place will look like baby cakes for you now that your really powerful.Copyright 2008 -Nicolas.(Which means that you don't have to get all (9) of the serpent statues if you really cant find them all.
Flesh corrupts and falls away.
In these corridors (on the west side) there is a statue that ask for the feline figure so give it to her and it will open the door nearby.