She keeps a copy of the Koran in her cell.
A man who reportedly tried to lure two high school girls into prostitution is headed to prison.
So far, there have not been any arrests.Though Beyah is angry that the Broward Sheriff's Office has painted her as a criminal mastermind, her track record proves she's no stranger to the kind of misconduct she's been accused of in South Florida.Ultimately, the man who ran Caviar Bar, Stan Pavlenko, was sentenced to 78 months in prison.All the other girls signed contracts, we have no contract from this girl.Cops talked to Rogers only once after the robbery, in September.The men, who lived in Aventura, suggested they get a room at the Hyatt in Dania Beach.Once they arrived, Beyah poured Montesinos a whiskey from the room's minibar.The accused: (L to R) DeWayne Ward, 18, Marlene San Vincente, 22, and Vilbert Jean, 36, were arrested last week.She then Googled Rogers and was shocked to see her name pop up in the search results.We travel a lot thru the whole world and that was the worst dump we have ever seen!She explained she was a Canadian college student on guy prostitute vacation in Florida and rode back to the Delano with him.
Turcina, who was 24, and Kilimatova, 25, plied him with compliments.

She was brainwashed by a pimp named Prince, her parents say.After what seemed like seconds, the inside of his eyelids burned red from the light seeping into the master bedroom.Holt said some of the parlors have been around for a decade.Scott Rosen, the Pompano Beach playboy taken for 318,000, is determined to push ahead with the case.The others were LuLu on 7441 Collins Avenue, Shanghai on 1106 Normandy Drive and Jade on 1020 71st Street.Hostage: The young girl was held against her will, forced to have sex with Mr Ward multiple times, threatened with violence and drugged in this home, police tonya escort say.What happened to us is one of the dancers called up and said Im going to come back and dance."I had her pulled out of the elevator Rosen says.One of the accused reportedly had sex with the minor at least six times.
When I walked in there and saw the behind the scenes of the conditions that these women were living in, I felt very sad, because they are living in horrible conditions, he said.

After being swindled for almost 40 grand, the man says he won't look at hook-up culture the same way again.