ORG Subject: Re: movies about prostitution there is a great movie called the escort 360 vs max2 chicken ranch which is about a brothel in nevada.
EDU Subject: Prostitution movies I just subscribed to define house of prostitution this list two days ago so I don't know what was asked for, but another movie which delt with prostitutes that was out last year was Unforgiven with Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman.Friday the socksescort cracked 13th, the series "Better off Dead an unethictical scientist was using prostitutes for his experiments (anothe Hyde example).Prostitution as a primitive was of making money; it is a problem that prevents the society from its perfection and development.Nevertheless, none of the people providing this type of services are performing a business activity.Edu Date: Wed, 17:44:28 -0500 From: Karen Bouwer bouwerk @ FCA.I'll try to look up the title for that one.I wish people would stop lieing, either out of ignolrance or out of malice about Catharine MacKinnon, who now is working on, among other things important for women, the rapes in Bosnia Croatia and Herzogovena.This dangers put prostitution in the position of the risk zone occupation.Midway thru the movie.
A key question in this debate is whether Professor MacKinnon engaged in censorship.

Late 80's (I think).I don't know if it was the same film Pricilla is talking about because other films were being shown in the display room.Also, try Lizzie Borden's _Working Girls which does a wonderful job of portraying the day-to-day *business* of prositution.Also, how about movies "representing" (I use this word loosely).The novel recommendation to amend Bill C-36 by wiping past records emerged on the fourth and last day of hearings into the anti-prostitution bill.Please note: I think that some of these films are patronizing to sex workers and make unfounded links between, for example, serial killing and prostitution because it serves the ourpose of their fictional, narrative structure.She has produced a number of videotapes, including one entitled _Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitution_.

Sex-workers have become an integral part of Canadas society and they even form alliances such as the Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver.
And what about Scorcese's _Taxi Driver with Jodie Foster as the young prostitute?
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